The Nine University offers an online courses which helps students to learn about how they can se up their very own Amazon FBA business and most importantly, how they can succeed in that type of business. There has been a great deal said about this course and what it is able to offer its students, and I think that the best way to gain an understanding as to what the court is like to hear from the students and what they are saying. 

Let’s take a look then at the KT Nine University reviews, and find out what the students have to say about this course. 


This is a course which is designed for everyone no matter what they already know about business or what they know about working online. This is something which comes across in the reviews when people are discussing their backgrounds and I find it very impressive that the team at Nine University have been able to come up with a course which is able to help such a wide range of people. 


A common thread throughout these reviews is that this course offers a great deal of support to its students throughout their studies.  A great many courses online simply give the course materials to the students and then let them get on with it but in the case of Nine University it is clear that they are able to offer plenty of support in order to help their students get through this as best as they can, without the feeling of being lost or overwhelmed. 

High Level Ambition 

There are a couple of courses online which will teach people how to open up and get started on their very own Amazon FBA business but this is not one of them. Nine University on the other hand are not content with helping people to get set up with a business, they want to see their students absolutely crush it and that is why they are loved by so many. There is a stark contrast between teaching someone who to simply open a business and how to kill it with a business, and this course clearly falls into the latter category. 

Cost Effective 

Much has been made on social media about the price of this course but to a person each review speaks about how easy it is to make that money back once they have launched their Amazon FBA business. The cost of the course is clearly nothing more than an investment in their future and therefore a very cost effective way of going about learning. The only people saying negative things about this course are those who have not been involved in it which is why we should always rust the testimonials of those who have. 

What we can clearly see from the reviews is that this is a fantastic course which sets people up for success.