If you aspire to become a successful entertainment writer then one person who you could most certainly take lessons from would be Roger Wolfson, a man who has taken his gift for scribing across TV networks and even into political parties. It is only once you load up IMDB to check someone out that it really dawns on you just how influential they have been in TV and film and Roger is most certainly in that bracket of brilliance. Wolfson is from New Haven, Connecticut and earned a Masters in writing from Johns Hopkins university, not to mention a law degree from Pennsylvania law school. Clearly talented, he has lent his pen to the Huffington Post, the US Senate and most notably, the land of television, and here are the series which he has worked on. 

Saving Grace

Using his experience in both theater and in law, Wolfson was a key figure on the set of the incredibly popular Saving Grace. The show is about a heavy drinking and rather promiscuous detective ‘Grace’ who runs a man over after a heavy drinking session, the season then takes us through the trials and tribulations as the fast talking detective tries to get herself out of the jam, using all influence and contacts that she has in order to do so. The show is known for sharp wit and fast talking, a key characteristic of Woflson’s writing. 

Law And Order 

Roger Wolfson was a key part of the writing team of the American classic Law and Order, working particularly on the Special Victim’s Unit version of the program. Once again Wolfson brought his shape wit and in-depth knowledge of the legal world into his writing and worked as the story editor for 10 episodes of the show, gaining some of theist ratings which the show has done in its history. 


Shifting focuses Roger would also work with a number of senators during his career and has worked alongside the likes of Joe Liebermann, John Kerry, Paul Wellstone and Ted Kennedy on their various campaigns. Working in the capacity of staffer, speech writer and editor, it does appear that there is very little which Roger is not able to turn his hand to. Working with John Kerry Wolfson became the youngest Legislative Assistant that he had ever hired, and his first official speechwriter. Roger was also instrumental in writing the bill which was passed through Congress which outlawed the sale of cop-killer bullets. 

This is a man who is clearly very intelligent and has contributed a great deal to society through his work within entertainment and within the political system. If you have any ambitions on becoming a great writer then it is people like Roger who you should look to follow in the footsteps of, especially in terms of the variety of work which he has been responsible for throughout his career.