Escape Escape rooms can be fun, exciting and challenging. It requires teamwork though. You can’t solve the challenges on your own. You need a complete team helping you since it is time-bound. You have to get things done in an hour or so. Escape rooms also require different challenges and it needs a diversity of strengths in the team. Someone has to be an expert in mental challenges while others have to be physically strong.

The good thing is that you can prepare your team if you really want to do well in this game. There are a lot of new escape rooms in London and most of them have novel ideas that make it even more difficult to finish the game on time. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the challenge.

Go out as a team just to have fun

One of the most important things to remember when doing escape rooms is that you have to work cohesively as a team. This only happens when you are comfortable with each other. When you work separately, it could lead to a clash of ideas. Instead of getting things done on time, it takes much longer. Going out just to relax and have fun could help. It could ease the tension and bridge the differences. You will know each other even more. Just hang out in a bar or go to a pizza house nearby.

Identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses

There must be a session for you to gather and identify what your strengths and weaknesses are. This is important so you will know how you can make the most out of your skills. Be honest with each other at this point so that you will know what to do inside the escape room.

Take a look at escape room images

Solving problems in an escape room is already challenging in and of itself. It is even worse when you see the setting. The lights are quite dim. There are objects scattered everywhere. Depending on the theme, escape rooms can get a bit scary. Hence, taking a look at the images can help you prepare for all possibilities. You will know what to expect upon arrival so you won’t freak out and just push ahead.

Solve puzzles, riddles and trivia

Exercise your brain as often as possible. There are a lot of games online that you can use if you want to be better mentally. Of course, you won’t know what kind of questions or puzzles will confront you in the escape room. The point is that your brain is already used to the idea of thinking outside the box while doing other similar challenges.


Don’t stress out. This is an exciting activity. It is meant to be fun. Don’t think a lot about making it or not. The point is for you to enjoy it and do whatever you can to solve the challenges. If you make it, you can celebrate. Otherwise, you can still celebrate.