Even if you have a new car, the situations when you need to perform even minor repair can occur. In this case, depending on a problem you have, certain tools will be necessary. You can pick up a few needed or buy a whole set of tools. Online-shops offer a huge variety of these sets, from an inexpensive small set in a flat case to a huge chest or a cabinet suitable for a car service station. Depending on your car type and size, you will need an average set of tools, which includes the following elements:
• Open-end and box spanners.
• Various screwdrivers. There are short and long screwdrivers with Phillips, flat-blade or socket heads.
• Hex keys.
• Socket spanners with ratchets. These tools have various square drive sizes – ¼, ½, 1 inches and others.
• An adjustable spanner. These tools also come in various sizes, typically marked by the maximum jaw opening.
• Sockets and bit sockets of different sizes.
• A torque spanner. This tool is irreplaceable for tightening wheel nuts, engine elements, spark plugs and other parts with a precise torque.
• A wheel brace. Typically, the vehicle manufacturer provides simple versions of these tools already in the car.
• Pliers. It is good to have lineman, bent nose and side cutters in a kit.
• A rubber mallet. It will help to remove stuck suspension elements or push a bumper dent out.

Choosing tips

So why bother buying a kit? Firstly, properly selected set of tools will have good-organized case with all tools set neatly. All tools will be fit inside one case, which is convenient to have in a car boot for instance. Secondly, you won’t have to search for each part in a shop. Make sure that tools in the kit you are about to purchase, are properly fastened, and the case is durable. Take into account that socket spanners, open-end and box spanners are produced with metric or SAE sizes. High-quality tools are made of high-strength alloys, mostly made of chromium-vanadium steel (marked as Cr-V or CrV). Tool sets can be found here.