Whether protecting a vintage car, wanting to have a place to do manual tool work, crafting or just to have an extra room to watch the big game with a cold beer, a garage provides a lot of benefits for folks who know how to utilize the space. While, fundamentally, a garage is simply a place to park a vehicle at home as well as for basic house storage, a garage can do a lot more. The problem, however, is that most homes have an unfinished garage. That means the walls and ceiling might be dry-walled or not, not painted if not, and the flooring is just bare cement. There’s a lot more that needs to be done to make it functional as a proper room. A concrete epoxy flooring in San Fernando Valley can be just the trick for a big renovation without the big cost of construction.

Getting Started with a Big Change

Once prepared, the cement is then treated with multiple layers when a garage epoxy flooring treatment is chosen. The first layer is foundational; this layer is the epoxy mixture that directly bonds with the bare cement and creates a connection that keeps the epoxy in place instead of peeling later, a common problem with cement paint. The second layer will be decorative if chosen, and then a final top layer provides the outer protective barrier. When complete, the epoxy treatment has completely covered the cement and now protects it from any moisture or liquid penetration as well as impact.

The Benefits for a Home Garage

There’s no question that liquid protection on cement is a huge advantage. Cement is a very porous surface. It soaks up water-based liquids like a sponge, and oils can permeate it quickly too, leaving ugly stains when dried out. However, with an epoxy flooring near me, liquids can’t make contact with the cement and instead are easily cleaned up, even if they have been sitting on the epoxy for a while.

Additionally, the durability of epoxy fends off the combined damage of road grit, tire scuff, pressure and even sun exposure. Epoxy’s thickness is so effective, it can take years before an epoxy re-treatment is needed again. And, when it is applied, it simply adds another layer on top of the existing epoxy already in place, continuing to add even more to the flooring protection.

Epoxy Considerations

There are other options for garage flooring. Tiles as well as vinyl layers can be used as well. However, epoxy flooring continues to be the most effective and comprehensive choice because it integrates with every aspect of the floor when applied. It goes on as a thick liquid polymer and then cures as a solid. This unique application change gets rid of gaps and bubbles that can trigger peeling later on with tile and vinyl.

Additionally, the best approach is a professionally-applied epoxy treatment. While there are do-it-yourself kits available in hardware stores, what those DIY kits don’t provide is practical experience. Epoxy treatments can be tricky and depend heavily on correct preparation. The kit boxes and instructions don’t clearly describe these needs as most customers won’t likely think twice about taking on the job themselves. With a professional team, the epoxy treatment is done right the first time without a big mess and with a lasting bond to the cement. The results are amazing, reliable and effective. The same can’t always be said for DIY jobs done for the first time without experience. More than one mistake has ended up driving people to expensive cleanups to start all over again. Don’t make a mess of your San Fernando garage; bring in a professional team for an epoxy flooring treatment.