We all love the fact that we can save our money and purchase an automobile to get us around on our own. The feeling of independence can hardly be matched when we drive around town to work, on errands and chauffeuring around friends and family. The sense of empowerment and freedom can be intoxicating and often lulls us into feelings of complete control and security. There are only a few things that can take us out of these feelings and they are if your auto stops working and requires significant repairs, it is stolen or if you are in a car accident.  

In the event of a car accident and you are run into by another driver, the feeling can dampen our enthusiasm for driving. Accidents happen so quickly and do not provide an opportunity for us to prepare either mentally or physically. When there are injuries, this is more of a blow to the spirit. We can find ourselves confused and disbelieving that what we are witnessing has actually happened. What is most important to understand about being hit by another driver is that you need to both protect yourself legally and position yourself so that you can be compensated for the bills, injuries, loss of income and pain and suffering that will surely result from the accident.

Hire a Reputable Law Firm

This means if you have your accident in Idaho, hiring reputable attorneys like the Hansen Law Firm, who are experts in making sure that you are adequately represented in demanding damages from someone who injured you. These attorneys understand the law in Idaho and if you live there and are injured in a car accident they know the state’s personal injury laws.

If you wish to pursue an auto injury claim you also must be knowledgeable about how liability is determined and other factors that may determine the outcome of the case. Here are some tips on how you understand these things better and get yourself best prepared to file a car accident case:

Make Good Notes to Discuss With Your Attorney

When there is a car accident with injuries it is a chaotic scene. There are police, firemen, a loud ambulance, people screaming, crying and blood. Most of the occupants in the vehicles may be either unconscious or in shock and none will be quite sure about what exactly happened. When you finally calm down in the hospital, you will be blindsided by the pain and scared. Collectively these feelings can cause you to lose recollection of what things you do recall. This is why as soon as you are able, you need to take notes of exactly what you remember right before, during and immediately after the accident. What did you see? What were you thinking? What did you hear? What did you observe others doing? All of these notes are critical for your attorney to get an accurate picture of what happened. Your law firm will also align your notes with those of the police on the scene to fill in any holes you might have. In the end, you need as complete a picture as possible to determine your best course of action.

Do not Speak with the Other Driver or His Attorney About a Settlement

If you are contacted by the other driver or his attorney to discuss a settlement, the only reason they will do this is that they want to get you to accept much less than you are supposed to receive. Do not take the call and tell both that you will refer them to your attorney to discuss any issues including a settlement regarding the case. If you do not have an attorney at that point, get one and if you do, call him immediately and tell him what happened. This will position you to get the maximum amount for your injuries and the issues related to your being injured.

Keep calm and work with your attorney and you will get the settlement you deserve if you are injured in a car accident.