Future CarsNothing is impossible. Even the craziest ideas can come to life with a pinch of creativity. Right now, we have environmentally friendly taxis and cars to help save the environment. What else will be out there in the streets in the future?

Cars that can communicate

Picture this. You are at an intersection. The car from the opposite side beats the red light and you did not see it coming. Good thing your car is able to receive a signal from the other one and it warns you of a possible collision; better yet, it hits the brakes immediately to prevent an accident from happening. This innovation is already being tested by Ford to reduce the number of road accidents.

Self-driving car

We have seen several of these in movies and there are existing cars that can park themselves. Google self-driving carsare already on trial. They have installed images of roads and computerised maps as well as road signs to assist the car in its driving adventure. These cars have the ability to look for alternative routes in case of heavy traffic and it can see traffic lights before they are visible to the human eye.

Information filled car

So, you must have watched some robot movies where the robot gives the driver information about what they can see. This is what this car is all about. Augmented Reality Dashboards will bring up information about anyone or anything that is in front of your car.

Airbags that stop a crash

Airbags are created to reduce the effect of impact in case of an accident. But what is more relevant is an airbag that makes your vehicle stop before a collision. These bags have a friction coating which doubles the stopping ability of a vehicle.

Energy storing cars

This is currently being tested in Europe. The body panels are made up of polymer fibre and carbon resin that are used to mouldthe panels. These panels can reduce the weight of the car unlike those of the hybrids.

The panels will then capture and store the energy produced by technologies such as regenerative braking or when the car is charged overnight, and then feed the energy stored back to the car when it is needed.

Thinking car

This car gives attention to the driver’s likes and dislikes. It can remember your favourite places to frequent. It can also determine the user’s current emotional state and it provides music recommendations based on your current mood. It uses a heart rate monitor and face recognition which helps it to understand if you are stressed or full of joy.

Indeed, there are a lot of innovations taking place in the automotive industry. But what is really needed is a car that can reduce the risk of collisions, and at the same time, it has to be friendly to the environment. With the current state of the environment, creating a car that will help preserve it will be more appealing to the customers especially those that are environmentally inclined.