Many people find themselves overwhelmed the first time that they go to a casino, and much of that is simply down to the fact that on the face of it, everyone looks like they know what they are doing, and they do not. In reality a casino is not hard to understand and more often than not there are going to be higher percentage of inexperienced players in the casino than there are high rolling experts. The key to getting started and feeling comfortable in the casino is picking a game which is easy to play, and which has betting that is not overly complicated, and these are the easiest.


The roulette wheel is the most iconic imagery of a casino and this is where you should be heading when you get to the casino. This is a very simple game where you can bet as much as you like, and the odds are very much down to you. The odds vary depending on where you place your chips on the board, a single number pays 36/1, red or black pays 2/1 , you’ll get 12/1 if you select any of the 3 sections that the table is broken into horizontally and vertically and you can even put your chip on crosshairs between 4 numbers if you so wish. Once the bets are placed, watch the ball spin and see if you get lucky. For specific roulette strategies check out a site such as Casino Talk who go into more detail with this. Even as a beginner, you can still have a lot of fun on roulette.

Black Jack

Black Jack or 21 is a very basic game between you and the dealer, no matter who else is at the table, you are not playing against them. The aim of the game is to have cards in your hand with a value of 21, and you will begin by being dealt 2 cards. Based on the value of these first two cards, you can choose to get another card, in the hope of getting closer to, or getting, 21. If you go over 21 then you lose, if you beat the dealer by getting closer to 21 or if the dealer goes over, they lose. Odds on this game are 2/1.


Slots are often the best place to start when you arrive at the casino, just to help you get acclimatized. Basic slots involve nothing more than putting your money in, selecting a stake and then spinning the reels and see what you can win. There are some slots which have games within them, such as jackpot boards, these are very easy to understand and 99% of the time simply feature a higher or lower option which you will guess to try and navigate your way through the bonus. Slots are low cost, a lot of fun and a great place to start your night at the casino.

Which will be the first game that you try when you go to the casino? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.