Recliner chairs have a long and fascinating history, none of which I will share with you now.  It doesn’t matter where recliners came from or who invented them, what matters is they offer the most comfortable way to relax in your lounge room.  Any place that needs the most luxurious seating, you will find recliners. If it’s good enough for first-class airline passengers, it’s good enough for me.

Whether it was a surge in popularity for minimalism or rejection of luxury, recliners fell out favor in lounge rooms across the world. Leather recliner chairs were seen as old fashioned, bulky and perhaps a relic of a time past. Fitness and wellbeing are now hot topics, leaving the luxurious lounger at odds with popular opinion.

The original recliner company La-Z-Boy aimed its products squarely at big, lazy boys. An image that the recliner has kept until this day. The pace of modern life leaves little room to unwind and relax, and as such, none of us can afford to be lazy all the time.

As humans delve deeper into our health and wellbeing, we have discovered rest and relaxation play a more significant part in our overall health than we initially thought. It is possible to burn yourself out by being too “healthy,” something that all working mums and dads can attest to. During these busy and testing times we need a hero to save our backs and let us relax again. We need recliners.

Electric dreams

What better way to welcome back the recliner than with an upgrade fitting of the times? An electric recliner chair does all the heavy lifting for you, meaning you can recline and relax at the touch of a button. Some pieces even offer an easy lift option that sees the chair lift and tilt to a position that makes getting out of the chair more comfortable. If you want the ultimate taste of luxury in your home, an electric recliner with a built-in fridge compartment for ice-cold drinks can’t be beat.

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In some homes, the recliner was the best seat in the house and reserved only for the top dog of the household. With a rise in home cinemas came a distinct type of recliner, the recliner lounge. These luxury movie watching machines look deceptively like a typical lounge but feature reclining functions for multiple sitters. High-end units offer armrests with drink holders, adjustable headrests, and more. Watching a movie with your whole family reclining is a next-level experience. 

No space

Recliners perhaps lost some mojo as space became more of a commodity. It’s not as common to see a large family home with multiple entertainment rooms. A recliner is large and takes up a lot of space, so naturally, other more practical items of furniture will take preference. What if I told you that recliners exist that would fit in the smallest apartment and still enable them to recline and relax with the best of them? Wall huggers are an apartment dweller’s best friend. Wall huger recliners sit flush to a wall, meaning they don’t take up as much space as a traditional recliner while still offering a reclining function. Wall huggers have lest range of motion but as an upshot are easier to get in and out of.

As humanity becomes obsessed with fitness and “getting things done” we lost an essential part of being healthy and balanced. We forgot that being lazy sometimes is ok, and with that, we lost our love of recliners. As we learn and grow, we have discovered that rest is as essential as being active, for both our bodies and minds. Recliners are the answer to your lazy prayers, kick up your feet, crack open a drink and recline.