The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where you cook, it’s where you feed your family and friends. It’s where memories are made. And when it comes to kitchen design, there are a number of trends that are emerging across market that can help make your kitchen the best room in the house! One of these is stone benchtops. With their durability and style, they’re quickly becoming one of our top selling items in kitchens around the World.

Stone surfaces are durable and easy to clean

Stone surfaces are durable and easy to clean because they can be honed and sealed to repel oils and water over time. This also means that the stone is far less likely to stain or harbor bacteria because it’s much easier to disinfect by scrubbing with water and vinegar than wood, plastic, or other substances. Additionally, any food spills will usually just wipe off as opposed to sinking in like they might on a wood surface. Plus, as you move your stovetop out of the way less often you can easily put extra counter space for things like appetizers tableside! 

They come in many different colors, textures, and patterns

Stone benchtops are taking the world by storm in kitchens, with designs varying from the ordinary to the ultra modern. Stone is attractive for bench tops because it is a durable material that has beauty and depth to its colors. It also gives an earthy feel to any room that needs to have some balance, especially thanks to how this stone ages over time.

Stone benchtops come in many different colors, textures, and patterns. These variations are a result of the natural beauty found all around the world. They can come in black, brown, green-streaked marbles from India called Indian Gold Marble, blue from Australia called Burma Blue marble, pink from China called Chinese Pink marbles, and many more.

Stone is a natural product that can be found locally or imported from other countries

Stone is a natural product that can come from local quarries or be imported from other countries. It’s been used as an architectural finish for centuries, because it lasts so long and looks beautiful, especially when combined with other materials.

The most popular stones for benchtops are granite and marble. Theoretically, quartzite should be the best option because it’s scratch-proof and does not age or stain but it is very difficult to cut or shape so you’ll need a pro with the right tools and know-how to get this job done properly. Quartzite usually comes in large sheets which can’t always cover a kitchen island. Another good natural stone that’s easy to cut into whatever size you want is soapstone – it tends to be just slightly more expensive than granite or marble but has identical qualities when it comes to kitchen work tops.

It’s an eco-friendly material because it doesn’t release chemicals into the air as some other materials do

Stone is a great material for a kitchen benchtop because it not only looks good but also doesn’t release chemicals into the air. Another benefit of stone as a benchtop is that it’s durable enough to withstand the high traffic from everyday cooking. In order to maintain its appearance, staining and sealing should be performed as needed.

Although additives may leach from stone, those amounts are usually very low and don’t represent a health risk according to current research findings. So your family can feel safe using their new kitchen space without worry!

Benefits of having stone kitchen benchtops over other materials

Stone benchtops are not only stylish, natural, and environmentally friendly, they also offer a number of significant benefits to your kitchen. Stone benchtops have a smooth, durable surface that’s perfect for the busy home chef. They provide a nonstick surface that minimizes scratches and is easy to keep clean because it doesn’t stain or absorb odours from cooking ingredients. Quartz surfaces resist heating up to 1200 degrees Celsius so you can cook whatever you please without worrying about warping or melting the counter space. Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of having stone benchtops is their longevity – after applying enough care and TLC they will last you indefinitely!