Airbnb has really taken over on a global scale and if you want to get your home listed, we’ve got you covered. Here are the simple steps that you need to take to turn your home into a successful Airbnb.

Listing your Home

Creating an Airbnb account doesn’t take long and once you’ve done that you’re ready to list your space. You need to make some strategic decisions as you do this to get the most cash you can out of each booking.

Adding in extra sleeping spaces, like a corner sofa bed, can allow you to get more bookings for a higher value. You can also decide whether you want to rent out the whole home while you’re not around or just a room at other times. Decide which you feel most comfortable with and then make it happen.

Part of this is deciding on the cost of your listing and its availability. Airbnb suggests that totally new hosts list their property slightly under the suggested price for the area, then when you gather up better reviews you can start to charge more. This is a good strategy, but don’t undersell your home to the point where it’s no longer profitable for you.

Greeting and Hosting your Guests

Depending on the type of host you want to be, you can be very present or allow your guests to let you know when they need your help. It’s a good idea to give them a quick introduction to the area, you can also leave them some printed information to read through while you’re not there.

Try to keep on top of any issues and check in with your guests after they’ve had some time to settle in. This can be the difference between a 3 star review and a 5 star one. They might not approach you about a minor issue, but it can still impact their rating of the place. Also, you’re more likely to be rated a good host if you keep in touch.

You can give them additional treats if you really want to go all out and get those high ratings. A bottle of wine, bathroom essentials and food can go a long way to getting you a better review.

Cleaning up and Improving

Don’t underestimate how long it can take to clean your home between bookings. While most visitors will be happy to clean up after themselves, you’ll still need to change linens, clean up and check over all of the common areas. Some hosts prefer to get a cleaning service in for this reason, but you’ll have to decide if this is profitable for you to do.

Improve your listing and take any feedback that your guests give you on board, within reason. Then, you’ll get more bookings and you can start to get more for your home.

Airbnb is a great resource to start making some extra cash on the side, so take these tips if you want to become a top host.