Cabinets offer the opportunity to elevate a bathroom design. Modern baths are brought up to date with sleek veneer surface cabinets, which are also easier to keep than older raised-panel designs with ornamental ridges that collect dirt. Louvered door panels evoke plantation shutters and pair well with cottage, rustic, and farmhouse decor.

New medicine cabinets can free up space in linen or upper cabinets and provide easy access to essential medications. Your contractor can help you find a solution that blends style and functionality.


Custom and prefabricated options have their merits when personalizing your bathroom. However, it’s essential to consider your design vibe and what you want the finished space to look like.

For example, if you dream of a main bathroom that feels luxurious and spa-like, opting for semi-custom cabinets with intricate details could give the room its opulent aesthetic. Conversely, if your kids use the bathroom and you want to make it feel more functional for them, a sleek option might work best.

While both custom and prefabricated cabinets offer a wide range of styles, finishing, and hardware choices, the quality of craftsmanship makes a difference. For instance, custom cabinetry tends to be sturdier and more durable than prefabricated cabinets. Plus, working with a reputable kitchen remodeling company that offers custom cabinets can help strike a balance between quality and cost.


When it comes to creating a spa-like main bathroom, plenty of storage is critical. But cabinets that aren’t well-designed can quickly become cluttered with items like hair care products and shaving accessories. Custom cabinetry provides space for all your essentials while reducing clutter and making getting ready more accessible and fun.

Custom-made master bathroom cabinets allow you to choose from a wide range of styles and finish options without settling for something that doesn’t work with your existing space. And unlike prefabricated cabinets, custom-built storage solutions can be refinished or updated later to refresh the look of your master bath.

Plus, many custom cabinetmakers can access high-quality materials and finishes better suited for warm, moist environments. That means a longer lifespan, less maintenance, and a lower risk of rotting or mold. That’s why it’s worth investing in custom cabinetry that will stand the test of time, even if you decide to sell your home someday.


Ample, efficient storage is a critical element in any bathroom design. Look for sleek, veneer surface cabinets that modernize a traditional bath and offer easier cleanup than decorative ridges that trap dust and dirt. Also, consider upper cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, enabling you to stow linens, towels, and more without taking up floor space.

Other cabinet trends include louvered doors that mimic the look of plantation shutters and lend themselves to rustic, cottage, or farmhouse decor. Likewise, beadboard cabinetry features evenly spaced planks that work well with country, rustic, and farmhouse designs.

Modular systems offer flexibility, and many offer customizable drawer dividers, adjustable shelves, and other customizations that can maximize storage. They also tend to be more affordable than custom solutions. However, they lack the enduring quality and one-of-a-kind feel of fully customized cabinetry. Semi-custom options fall between prefab and custom cabinets, providing a happy medium. They’re often available with a shorter lead time than custom options and allow for some customizations.


Cabinets make up the most significant percentage of the total cost for a bathroom renovation, so it’s crucial to consider their impact on your budget. Sit down, assess your remodeling budget, and compare your design and layout plans to the bottom line before making any final decisions.

Stock cabinets typically come with only a few options in sizing, color, and finish. If you’re looking for something unique, like a double-sink vanity or curved cabinet wall, you’ll likely need to choose a custom-build option.

Custom cabinetry allows homeowners to maximize function and style in any space. Any bathroom can benefit from practical and aesthetically pleasing additions, such as wicker storage bins beneath sink cabinets and built-in drawer and shelf outlets. For example, a roll-out shelf under a sink can hide single items that go to waste in a standard cabinet, like cleaning supplies and spare toiletries. Cabinet makers can also offer premium features like lazy susans, shelves on rollers, and stacked drawer banks.