More and more people look for homes that are sustainable and focus on environmental wellness. In fact, for Pedro Martin Terra Group provided the perfect employment opportunity because of this, as they have such a strong emphasis on sustainability. Of course, Martin understands that not everybody has the opportunity to have their homes and other buildings designed by a company like the Terra Group. However, everybody is able to learn from their work, and particularly in relation to roofing.

Sustainable Roofs

The commercial and residential market alike is looking more and more strongly at environmentally sustainable roofs. This means that the roofs are environmentally safe, and that they don’t damage the surrounding eco-system either. There are numerous options available for this:

  • Asphalt shingles, which is highly cost-effective as well. However, they are not very attractive and they aren’t as durable either. However, the material is 100% natural and therefore eco-friendly.
  • Metal, which is popular because it is 100% recyclable and often recycled, as it can be used again and again. By recycling metal, there is less requirement for mining, thereby also protection ore deposits. There is no end to how often metal can be recycled. Light-weight aluminum and steel are two common materials for roofs.
  • Slate is a beautiful natural earth element as well as being very durable. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive. Slate is 100% recyclable and decomposable, however, and since it is also so beautiful, many people don’t mind paying for it.
  • Clay, or terra cotta, roofs are made exclusively from natural products, including clay and water. The danger with these roofs lies in the coating, which can be somewhat toxic, particularly if it leaks into the groundwater. This is why it should only be installed by professionals.
  • Concrete, which is as eco-friendly as terra cotta, made from natural aggregates, including sand, gravel, stone, and cement.
  • Wood shakes are popular because they come from trees, which means it is environmentally safe and 100% eco-friendly. Cedar wood is the most popular material for shake roofs, although other forms can be used as well. Pedro Martin does want to make sure people who engage in their own roofing projects and choose wood, should only use wood that is FSC certified.
  • Fiber cement boards, which is a great green option because it is made of cellulose fiber and cement. Both those materials are biodegradable.
  • Recycled roofing, which is a great way to be really eco-friendly. Rubber or plastic roofing products are two options, and they can be made to look like tiles or wood shake.

Pedro Martin’s Tips

Martin has provided a number of other tips for those who want to have a green roof and want to complete this project themselves:

  • Use materials that have a lot of high recycled content.
  • Do not use zinc or copper coatings.
  • Do not use any material that has to be maintained using chemical components.
  • If you live somewhere hot, using a roof that is light in color so that it reflects the sun.