There are many different levels of anxiety which people suffer from, and in the main most people have a low level of anxiety which is possible to get out of. This is not to say that those with clinical depression or deep bouts of anxiety can do this, in those cases there is much more that needs to be done. Those who are suffering from low levels of anxiety would do well to listen to people like Dr. Curtis Cripe, who recommends taking baby steps in life to try and slowly move away from those anxious feelings and begin to live life differently.

Here are some of those small steps which you could take.

Physical Exercise

There are a number of ways in which physical exercise can greatly help you with your anxiety issues, both emotionally and physically. Taking the latter first, the way that you feel after regular exercise is good, because you release endorphins around your system, get the blood pumping and feel stronger and more supple. From an emotional standpoint you’ll feel more mentally agile, more awake and moor confident in yourself, which has been known to help anxiety issues.


One of the best ways to treat anxiety is through relaxation, but most people aren’t able to find the way in which to do this, or to take the time out to do so. This is why committing to just 15 minutes of meditation per day is a fantastic way to both relax and get that break from the world we all need. Simply sit down in a quiet space, focus on deep breathing and try to clear your mind. Do this each day and you’ll find that you can easily slip away into a different space, where you can organize your mind, and rest it. This is fantastic for aiding with anxiety issues.

A Safe Friend or Family Member

If you do have a person in your life who you are able to speak to, a friend or a family member, then confide in them about your feelings. This can be a great outlet for you to make the unconscious conscious in your mind, which helps you address feelings of anxiety. If you don’t have this person in your life then you can consult professional, just for a chat, not even for full blown therapy.

Avoid Bad Habits

If you are drinking heavily or if you have been tempted to take any kinds of tablets or worse for you anxiety, try to avoid these vices for a short while. Very often we take things that we think make us happier or feel better, but these are short term solutions which end up making us feel far worse. Aim to try and live a clean life and you will find that you are much more likely to lower your anxiety, and even if you can’t you will have a better understanding of what the triggers are.