Joon Faii Ong runs an incredible company called GyroGear and one of the products which this English company has produced is changing lives among so many people. The product itself is a glove which helps out people who have hand tremors. There are a number of reasons why people would have tremors in their hands, some because of Parkinson’s, others because of strokes, and some have what is called Essential Tremor. Now these issues cause a big problem in the lives of those who suffer, but thanks to this product they are able to go back to doing things normally once again. Here is how this product in particular is changing lives.

Getting People Back To Work

Many people have had to leave their jobs because of their hand tremors, because of the fact that the job role requires a steady hand. This of course is damaging on a personal level, but also on a financial level too. What this glove does is to completely remove those tremors and make sure that those who suffer are able to once again get back into the career which they love.

Keeping People Safe

Beyond the world of work, hand tremors, depending on their severity, can actually cause safety issues in the home. Let’s say that someone with severe tremors is in the middle of cooking a meal or cutting vegetables, there is a very real risk of getting burned or cutting themselves. Using this glove however all of these safety concerns can become a thing of the past.

Bringing Out The Passion Again

There are those who suffer from these ailments who have passions such as arts and crafts or writing, who are inhibited as to what they can do because of the tremors. This is not about money or safety, but it takes them away from their passions. Hobbies like this are a great way of relaxing and enjoying oneself, and being able to do them once again is huge for morale and self-esteem. Once again, the glove designed by GyroGear is able to steady their hand and allow them to carry on with their favorite hobbies.

Basic Daily Tasks

Something which few of us could understand about people who have issues with tremors is that they often cannot go about simple daily tasks, which the rest of us take for granted. For example cutting toe-nails or changing the channel on the television can be uphill struggles if you are having issues with hand tremors. The glove is able to help these people do those basic tasks which we can all perform with ease. This is very much about giving them their dignity and their life back and the glove makes it all possible once more.

We cannot underestimate just how visionary and revolutionary this glove has been since its creation. This is helping thousands of people around the world and in the future we hope that it will help tens of thousands more.