Dad should be the coolest, best-dressed guy in your house. This means having to drag him out of the 1970s and getting him some current clothing and accessories. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with his golf shirts, rock band tees, faded jeans, and sneakers, but there are times when Dad needs to step up his clothing game and dress the part of a guy in the present – not the past. With this in mind, we’ll take you on a quick journey to see some great ideas to update Dad’s wardrobe.

Get Him To Tie One On With This Spot Tie

The Drake Navy Silk Spot Tie is not your ordinary tie. Besides, your Dad probably already has a vast collection of those. This happens to be a silk tie that was handcrafted in England, and that means that the finest British craftsmanship went into the making of this tie. What makes it really stand is the classic and underappreciated simplicity of the dot motif used. If Dad needs something stylish but notched up to the territory normally referred to as refined, this tie will cover all those bases and still make him look approachable.

Help Him Keep His Cool With A Short-Sleeved Shirt

Sure, it’s not quite the same as his KISS Monster Tour t-shirt, but it will be at least as comfortable. We are talking about the Paul Smith Bird Print Short-Sleeved Shirt. The shirt has a somewhat boxier cut, which gives it a more casual look than your standard short-sleeved shirt. The pattern is pleasant and stylish. Made with Dads in mind, this classic wardrobe staple will look as if it was meant to be on Dad and in his closet. It also pulls Dad away from opting for a Hawaiian shirt when he could enjoy the same comfort with this stunning short-sleeved alternative.

Keep His Cash In Order With This Slim Wallet 

It is not uncommon for Dads to overstuff their wallets. With this Smythson Panama Slim Currency Wallet that won’t happen. Sure, he will be able to cram a few important pieces of plastic into this slim design billfold along with some cash, but not much else. It isn’t that you don’t want him to carry family photos or coffee club cards or whatever else he normally stuffs into his wallet. You just want him to be a little bit more organized and this is the wallet to achieve that goal. It is from the British house Smythson, which means it is already crammed with style.

Give Him A Reason To Loaf Around

He probably has no shortage of big, bulky shoes. That’s a good enough reason to give him something that is not only comfortable on his feet but lightweight as well. These Church Netton Polish-Leather Penny Loafers will fit the bill. As sleek as a sports car and made from a rich, polished dark brown leather, these are shoes Dad will be able to match to just about anything he has in his wardrobe, from jeans to slacks to pajamas. Give your Dad something that will make his feet feel as if they are walking on air and keep him happy as well.

Show Him How To Update His Sock Drawer

We know, socks are probably not at the top of the list of Dad’s wardrobe-essentials. However, they should be. Socks are not just for keeping feet and ankles warm. There are so many ways to accessorize with them. They come in bold, bright colors, patterns and so much more that you can’t miss with the right pair tying together your outfit. Besides, white or grey gym socks are so last year. Gift your Dad with some hipness with new socks. If you want an extra personal touch, some retailers, such as No Cold Feet, offer custom sock gift sets. 

Get Dad Some Sporty Clothes With This Polo

One way to quickly add refinement to any outfit is with one of these Fred Perry Cable Knit Polos. Dad will look great and still fit into his normal crowd, just classier. In other words, a polo shirt will make him look a bit more on-trend than one of his golf shirts or tees. Plus, because it’s a Fred Perry product, you know it will be one of the most stylish polos out there. Add a few of these to Dad’s closet and he will have staples that will spell fashion whenever he pulls one on. Trying to class Dad up a bit? This’ll get the job done and he’ll like the results.

Let Him Enjoy At Least One Pair Of Jeans 

If you are going to let Dad keep any jeans, make sure that one of these pairs are included. The 3×1 M4 Classic Straight Jean is not as baggy a pair as he may be accustomed to. And they’re not dad jeans either. Instead, these jeans have a classic straight leg cut that puts them in a class of their own. He can wear these almost anywhere thanks to the comfort stretch of the Japanese-sourced denim. The relaxed fit will sit well with Dad who may be more used to looser jeans. Combine the comfort with the fit and he can’t go wrong with these straight-leg jeans.

To Finish The Look, Don’t Forget Some Shades 

The classic wayfarer style sunglasses get a slight makeover by Moscot Vilda which results in a tough acetate and durable construction frame. The look is cooler than your average secret agent without screaming that there’s a spy in the room. Dad will love these and may just end up wearing them whenever he steps outside of the house. Whether it’s for secret stuff or just a trip to the grocery store for milk, Dad will command attention and respect wherever he goes with these shades on.

In Conclusion

 For most Dads, it isn’t much of a stretch to consider they need to have a wardrobe update. But how can you do it without trashing everything and starting from scratch? All you need to do is add something new once in a while to ease him into the transition. Plus, by getting him things that he’ll actually use, the change will be easier on all of you.