Have you ever enjoyed a relaxing couple of days skiing with your kids? Many people dream of spending quality time with their loved ones in stunning natural environments. The problem is knowing how to make it happen safely.

Whether you don’t know where to start or simply want a checklist to go through, you’ve come to the right place! We want you to enjoy your trip so packing each time you go skiing with kids is a useful strategy.

Here’s a helpful guide to packing for a winter family ski trip with the kids.

Thermal Under Layer

Thermal layers are form-fitting shirts and pants that provide crucial insulation needed to combat cold temperatures on the slopes. Thermal underlayers are especially important for young children, who tend to lose heat faster than adults.

Parents should look for lightweight materials that wick away moisture and keep their bodies warm. Additionally, if the children are wearing multiple layers, make sure that the thermal layer is the closest one to their skin for maximum warmth.

Finally, don’t forget an extra thermal layer or two in case of spills or accidents. You can shop for children thermal sets online by visiting dedicated online stores and websites.


Warm, waterproof outer layers are very important. Make sure that all kids are wearing jackets, snow/ski pants, hats, gloves, and boots. Underneath, dress each child in layers starting with a base layer such as a long sleeve undershirt and long underwear bottoms, and add on items such as sweaters or fleece.

To keep kids from getting too cold, bring spare layers such as an extra sock layer, an extra pair of gloves, a spare pair of snow pants, and a hat.

Kids should also bring sunglasses or goggles for when the sun is out. Additionally, don’t forget scarves, balaclavas, and neck gaiters to keep little necks warm.

Ski/Snowboard Gear

If you’re planning a ski trip with the kids, it’s important to be prepared for the elements. Ski and snowboard gear are essential when venturing out onto the slopes. Make sure to bring snow goggles to protect the kids’ eyes from the sun and the cranial area from any impact.

A helmet is important to keep everyone safe. Ski poles are necessary to help balance, build confidence, and for more advanced skiers, they aid in turning. Bring a couple of pairs of gloves so that everyone stays warm during the trip.

Waterproof boots and snow bibs are also vital to keep the snow and cold out. Remember to bring snacks, a hot thermos of cocoa or coffee, and a waterproof backpack to carry it all in. Last, don’t forget your ski lift passes!

Skiing With Kids Must-Haves

Planning ahead and ensuring your children have warm and comfortable clothing while skiing with kids is key. Also, make sure to pack items recommended in this article for a fun and safe experience for your family ski vacation.

Don’t forget to pack your sense of adventure, it’ll make the trip worth every minute. Take this list with you on your next ski trip and worry-free to make amazing memories with your family!

Whether you’re sitting at the ski lodge or the vacation house, it can often feel like home. Enjoy and feel comfortable during your trip with the right winter travel accessories.

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