Have you been injured in a car crash?

If you’ve never experienced anything like this before, you may have trouble believing you deserve any compensation. Even if you’re in the midst of stressful doctor visits related to your accident, you should still set up a consultation. You may have an important personal injury case.

When you meet with lawyers for car crashes, bring paperwork with you to give them the whole picture. Collect these 5 important documents before your first appointment so your attorney can help build your case.

1. Lawyers for Car Crashes Want Police Records

Your personal injury lawyer will ask for the police report when you first meet with them. Along with other evidence and important papers, the police report is vital to your case.

Talk to your lawyer more about why you need the report. They’ll show you where the officers noted the time and date of the accident, as well as a diagram of the scene. The officers also record the responsible driver’s license and registration, as well as how to contact them.

2. Witness Information

While you were at the scene, you probably collected witness information. If you have their contact information, or any witness statements, bring that with you to your meeting with your lawyer. A witness can help corroborate your story in court.

3. Photo and Video Evidence

While you can’t go back to the scene of the accident to take the pictures you need, you can bring any photos and videos you already have. Any pictures of the scene are helpful, as well as possible causes of the accident.

Make sure to bring pictures of your injuries as well. Photos with a timestamp are great because they provide proof about the severity of your injuries.

4. Information from Your Doctor Visits

Your records from the doctor visits after your injuries will help your lawyer demonstrate the extent of your injuries in court. Make sure you show medical records, bills, test results and X-rays, and any other medical information that’s accessible.

These records also show how much pain you’re in and the date that you began treatments. These details are helpful as your lawyer builds a case and tries to prove that you’re experiencing extended treatment and pain related to your injury.

5. Your Timeline

Take some time at home before you come to your appointment to jot down your thoughts about the accident.

When there is trauma attached to a memory our thoughts can seem jumbled and hard to piece together. Writing it all down can help bring clarity to your car accident case and give you peace of mind that you do have the details you need, even if it’s hard to think about. 

Make a timeline of the events that occurred in order to help you remember accurately. 

Being Prepared for Anything

As you gather your paperwork, keep in mind that lawyers for car crashes want to help you. They’re going to try to find out everything they can about your case so that they can best represent you in court.

When you make the effort to collect police reports, witness information, photos, medical records, and a timeline, you help expedite the process.

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