In today’s world, there is no shortage of tech for your every whim and need. From the latest home gym equipment to next-level car accessories, there is advanced tech that can make your life easier and more enjoyable. However, nobody can have it all, and to be honest you don’t need to. Instead, seek out the gadgets that are best suited to your lifestyle and will add the most value to your day. These 10 tech tools are a great start for any man looking to find the best gear, whether it’s for home, work, or taking on the next adventure.

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When you’re on-the-go, commuting back and forth to work, heading out for beers, or meeting your date at the new restaurant in town, there are some tech tools that should always be brought along for the ride:

  • CBD Pen: It’s no secret that life can be stressful, but with a CBD vape pen in your pocket, you can refocus and remain calm, even during rush hour traffic. Try CBDfx disposable CBD pens, which are available in a variety of flavors like mint, pineapple, and blue raspberry to suit your mood.
  • Bluetooth Lock: Never worry about your stuff getting stolen out of the gym locker room again (or forgetting your combination), with a Bluetooth lock. These smart locks give you total control over keeping your belongings secure no matter where you leave them.
  • Car Phone Mount: Having your phone stashed in the cup holder or your pocket might seem like the safest option when driving, but it can also mean taking your eyes off the road if you do choose to pick it up. Keep your phone at eye-level and ready for use with a car phone mount.
  • Portable Power Bank: Whether your site-seeing in the streets of Rome, traipsing through the Costa Rican jungle, or simply have a late night out, having a power bank on you can literally be a lifesaver. Make sure you get one that isn’t too heavy and has a battery life that will give you at least one full charge (and quickly).
  • Smart Watch: If you don’t have a smart watch yet, you need to get one. While some of the older models may have lacked sophistication, you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your aesthetic anymore because there are virtually endless options to customize your band.


A home with the latest tech is one that is equipped to give you the most comfortable and secure home life. These gadgets will help you achieve those goals in your living space:

  • Smart key fob: With a smart key fob you can easily control everything in your home, car, and more with a finger-sized remote you can take with you everywhere. Turn on and off lights without having to get up, unlock the door for guests, and remote start your car with this gadget.
  • Projector: Whether you’re gaming or planning an epic date night, a home projection system will take your living room to the next level.
  • Wakeup Light: Let’s face it, waking up in the morning is rarely pleasant, especially if you have an annoying ringer on your alarm. Wake up feeling better with a special light that mimics the effects of the morning sun to help you rise more naturally.


For many of us, so much of our time is spent at the office (if we’re being honest, probably too much), but you can make your workdays much more efficient with these tech must-haves:

  • Noise-cancelling headphones: Trying to focus and make deadlines in a busy office with people talking on the phone can be difficult, but with noise-cancelling headphones you’ll be able to tune out the distractions and do your best work.
  • Tactical pen: Having a nice pen is a status symbol that never goes away in the corporate world, but why not get a pen that can do so much more. A tactical pen looks nice but a toolkit in your pocket that comes in handy for emergencies.
  • Desk charging station: There’s nothing worse than running out of phone battery part way through the day because you left your charger at home. A desk charging station can keep all of your gadgets fueled up, without the tangle of cords beneath your desk.

Be ready for anything with these gadgets that keep you connected and productive.