Are you currently in the market for a mansion? Or maybe you are trying to figure out if your current home is a mansion? You may be asking yourself what defines a mansion, and we’re here to answer that question for you.

Here’s our full guide on the features you need to make your home a mansion or to find yourself a mansion today.

Location Matters

We believe that location has a lot to do with the luxury of a home. A vast, open and private property takes a grand home to the next level. The feeling of remoteness makes your mansion feel like your own private castle, your little slice of paradise.

If you love the ocean air, a waterfront home may be the perfect location for you. This property type is great for boat owners. If you are interested in having horses, a large ranch property may be your best bet.

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Open Floor Plans for Open Possibilities

Airy and open floor plans make a home feel grand and spacious. High ceilings, winding staircases, and large windows with good lighting are a must in any mansion. Pairing this floorplan with minimalistic decorations can make for an even more modern and impressive space.

Dreamy Master Bedroom

An amazing master bedroom is so important to any couple looking for a luxurious home. It should be spacious enough for a large bed, as well as other elements, such as a seating area. Make the room work for you, with built-in light features, a large television, and a remote-controlled blinds system.

A large master bathroom with his and her areas is another luxurious detail. Bathrooms that act as your own personal spas are key, with large jetted tubs and showers. We love built-in rain showerheads and towel warmers for a fully tranquil feel.

Closets are another key element for the ideal master bedroom. A lux walk-in closet for him and her is great for organizing and storing clothing. Every woman’s wish is to have the closet of her dreams, and she’ll be sure to have that in a mansion.

A luxury walk-in closet should include immaculate cedar shelving, lighting, and floor to ceiling mirrors. A built-in vanity is another convenient feature so that the lady of the house can prepare for a night out all in one place.

Amazing Outdoor Areas

Almost every mansion should include a pool and hot-tub, decorated finely with pavers and an interior jetting system. Touches like waterfalls are another great way to create interesting details in a pool area.

It is essential that a mansion allows a host to provide entertainment for guests during the summers. Features such as outdoor kitchens, bars, and cabanas can be helpful for pool parties and upscale barbeques.

A built-in, covered seating area is another great feature that can include an outdoor theater or a fireplace for colder months.

Fabulous Fitness Center

Most wealthy couples want the convenience of a gym in their own homes. A state of the art fitness center can be a selling point for any athletic couple. Along with fitness equipment, a built-in sound system and televisions are another important detail. For those who want to go all out with their fitness room, features like a sauna or indoor pool may be desired.

Home Movie Theater

A private movie theater is another typical room in a mansion. These rooms include a large screen, with large, cozy reclining chairs. Track lighting that can be dimmed, as well as surround sound systems,  make an at-home movie theater beat going to the cinema.

Game Rooms

Depending on the buyer, a space that could be a game room may be important. Enough space for a pool table or other games is necessary, as well as a bar area. Features like this make the owner and their guests feel like they never have to leave the premise of their homes – it’s all right here.

Bring the Kitchen to the Next Level

A huge, open kitchen with a large island is typical in mansions, as they are best for preparing meals and entertaining guests. Features such as double ovens, wine coolers, and a walk-in pantry can create the kitchen of potential house owners’ dreams. Quality appliances, as well as beautifully crafted cabinets and countertops,  are important to give a kitchen a bright and sparkling feel.

Smart Home Goals

When it comes to modern mansions, technology is a must. Technology adds convenience to a home, allowing owners to control certain features of their homes by the click of a button via their phones.

This comes in handy when the owner wants to turn on an alarm system or control music or lighting. It’s also handy when the owner wants to double-check that all their doors are locked. These features provided automated tasks for the owners, wherever the owner may be.

What Defines a Mansion? All of the Above!

Now that you know all the features of what defines a mansion, you can be prepared when househunting! Figure out which of these features are most important to you, and find a mansion that fits your needs. Mainly, you should feel that your home reflects the luxury you desire, full of tasteful details that will make you never want to leave your own private oasis!

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