In a day and age where there seems to be a daily barrage of crime stories on the news, more women are taking a stand.

Whether self-defense courses, or getting together with other women for protection, be sure to practice safety.

If you’ve been worrying as of late about your personal safety, what do you intend to do about it?

While you may be squeamish about having a gun, note that guns can prove to be a deterrent against criminals.

That said being a responsible gun owner is of the utmost importance.

So, will you opt for a gun moving forward?

Being a Responsible Gun Owner

In the event you do decide to buy a gun, remember these important factors:

· Safety – Above all else, make sure you practice being a safe gun owner at all times. This includes not only loading and cleaning the weapon, but also storing it. You can opt for SafariLand gun holsters or other such brands to store your weapon. If you have children at home, make sure the gun is never within their reach.

· Training – Even once you have the proper training in how to use a gun, it doesn’t hurt to get retrained from time to time. Along with that retraining, shooting the weapon at a gun range will keep your skills sharp too.

· Emergency – In the event you are in an emergency at home or elsewhere, always know what you are firing at. As an example, you hear someone break into your home during the night. Given it is likely dark, you don’t want to fire your weapon at anything moving. Remember, that could be a loved one moving around in the dark and not the intruder.

Taking Self-Defense Courses

Along with owning a gun, taking self-defense courses is always a good idea.

If you opt for such courses, do some online research first. Ask female family members or girlfriends which course and instructor they recommend.

Among the benefits of taking self-defense courses:

· Better prepared to handle an emergency situation such as a possible rape or robbery

· More confidence in being out in public by yourself, especially at night

· Pass self-defense tactics on to your kids as they grow especially a daughter or daughters.

· Helps you with getting into better physical shape

If in a self-defense course, always remember to steer clear of any guilt in hurting someone else.

Remember, your life comes first when you are under attack.

Traveling with Others

Although you should never feel you can’t go anywhere alone, being with others is always a good protection.

For instance, going out late at night is something you have every right to do.

That said many crimes against others oftentimes happen in the later evening hours.

Whether walking to your vehicle or off for a late night run, you never know if trouble will strike.

If you headed out at night, being with at least one other person is never a bad idea. This is especially true if headed to the bars or other entertainment types of events.

Look at the different technology out there, technology that could end up saving your life.

From your cell phone to apps that track where you are headed, always do your best to make safety your top priority.

As a woman, what are you doing these days to protect yourself from crime?