From the amount of attention they get when they are just going to Starbucks for a coffee or to the supermarket for diapers, superstars are the most talked about and followed people on the planet. To the average person who sees them being led by huge bodyguards as they get in special lines at the airport and then whisked off in their private jets, there is always a feeling of envy. But what is not often seen is the dark side of superstar. Those things that come along with the job that most never think about and would probably hate. These include things like never being able to go out alone, and having to spend money every month on reputation management firms to police the web and remove or suppress and negative information circulated about them or their loved ones. The bottom line is that it is not all movie premieres and complimentary meals at the hottest new restaurants. Here are some of the good and bad points of being a superstar.


The good things about being a Superstar

The life of a superstar can be incredible. You get to have millions of adoring fans swooning over you wherever you go, who constantly tell you how fantastic, good looking, and talented you are.  They follow your every move and support your projects (even the really bad ones), and when you get attacked over something you did or didn’t do, you have a built in support system that is always there to defend you.

You will have the best homes and cars with all of the latest features and you will live in the best neighborhoods with neighbors who are superstars like you.

When you want to see a film, eat at a restaurant or even go shopping in a particular store, special provisions are made so you get the kind of attention usually afforded to a head of state. This means never waiting in long lines or being told that there are no tables at a particular restaurant.

It’s easy to make money when you are a superstar. Companies will pay you to attend parties, tweet, wear their clothes, and mention their perfume. You will be offered lucrative sponsorship deals that pay insane amounts of money for you to be on billboards or in commercials. And of course your regular job whether it is singing, acting or modeling, pays more money in one week than the average person might make in a lifetime.

Your hotel and meals will often be provided for free when you travel. And if you attend premieres festivals or awards shows, sponsors give you goodie bags with thousands of dollars worth of freebies, just for being there and being you.

The bad points of being a superstar

The life of a superstar is also tiring and can often be filled with disappointment and even danger. Famous people have challenges doing simple things like going for a jog or taking their kids to school, and other simple pleasures life. Because they are famous, people often feel they can reach out and touch the superstar any time they see them, often getting too much into their personal space. There always seems to be someone looking for an autograph who will not take no for an answer. As a result superstars often have to live reclusive lives.

The paparazzi is a constant bother also. Although it is often because of them taking their pictures that many superstars rise to fame, their constant following and aggressive style can be a nuisance and even dangerous. There are cases where the paparazzi has driven a superstar off the road to try and get a picture.

Superstars’ immediate families also find their lives have to change. Children need security and brothers and sisters often have to monitor who comes in and out of their lives. This puts an additional level of stress on the superstar.

Finding real friends is also a major challenge. Everyone wants to be around you because of who you are, but no one really knows who you are or cares about you. You realize this but are not sure of what to do about it. So often celebrities live in a surreal world of fake people.

Superstars have to endure fake news and negative stories regularly. These stories are aimed at anyone in the superstar’s life and can cause stress and pain for everyone targeted. The real down side is that it seems like the majority of people believe these stories without any proof.

Perhaps the most challenging part about being a superstar is that you can attract stalkers many of which are mentally ill. There are many stories about a superstar being stalked by someone who thinks the superstar did something, or promised something to that person. These people can get into the home of the superstar and even confront them at a show or in the street. In some cases the superstar is injured or killed during these confrontations. So superstars have to always be on guard all the time, no matter where they are around the world.

The life of a superstar can be amazing, but it is not without its own set of challenges and downsides.