After reading reports of the housing market’s latest gains, you have become convinced it is now time to buy. You began last week by searching for providers of home equity loans in Florida, but it is also important to know where to buy before making your case to a financier.

Welcome to Florida USA

Which cities in Florida have property prices that are blowing up? We’ll go over the top performing spots below…

1) Miami

As the unofficial financial capital of Latin America, Miami has a vibe to it that eludes many other prominent cities in the USA.

Because of this status, it was among the first places in Florida to recover after the housing meltdown of 2008.

From the urban sophistication of Wynnwood and Downtown, to the glitz and glamor of beach living that South Beach offers, there are plenty of options for those looking to invest here.

With some of the best restaurants, galleries, nightclubs, and beaches that the United States has to offer, it will continue to be an attractive place for home buyers over the long run despite any downturns which may occur in the interim.

2) Jacksonville

When Florida cities are brought up for discussion, Jacksonville isn’t always portrayed in the best light. However, this city is a much better place to live than small-minded critics make it out to be.

For starters, it logged the best job growth stats in the state over the past year, with 3.8% growth over that period. This is great news for those looking for a place to put down roots, as well as for those involved in investment real estate.

Apart from this, Jacksonville (more or less) has the same warm year-round weather that the rest of the state has (just a bit chillier than the south in winter), as well as a well-loved NFL team (Jaguars) and beautiful beaches that are often missed by tourists.

3) Fort Myers

Although the global economic shock of 2008 temporarily derailed the retirement plans of many boomers, a decade’s passage has done much to get them back on track.

As such, there are many real estate markets in Florida that are coming alive, with Fort Myers leading the pack.

Tucked away in Southwest Florida, this quiet but gorgeous slice of beach paradise is home to a number of planned developments, which are only heating up as the flow of retiring boomers gets stronger.

Vacancy rates have plummeted, making it a prime environment for real estate investors to snap up available property, or to build homes/condos from scratch.