After discovering the novel COVID-19 on December 19th, 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pandemic a worldwide health emergency. And in 2021, the number of active cases continue to grow tenfold. There are over one hundred and fifty-six countries that remain under the leaking umbrella. Let us discuss a little bit what the Coronavirus is and what are its symptoms? 

A COVID-19 patient’s symptoms usually include fever, cough, body ache, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell and taste, fatigue, vomiting, and nausea. An individual can contract it from another through the transmission of bodily fluid and breath particulates. 

Some COVID-19 cases are so severe that it can result in deaths, while some patients can recover with a little rest and flu medication. No vaccine is still yet discovered. However, preventative measures such as coughing under your elbow, frequent hand-washing, staying at home, wearing gloves and masks reduces its chances of spreading. But, these preventative measures are not possible if there is no awareness amongst the population. It is where healthcare workers come into play. They work hard day and night to spread awareness about how deadly the virus is and what individuals need to do to stay infection-free. Today we will look at some of the ways these healthcare workers are spreading awareness. Find some of them listed below:


The question you will ask is, what role does social media play in spreading awareness about COVID-19? As more than half of the world’s entire population has a social media account, it is an excellent platform for health workers to spread awareness. Online social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will provide health workers with a stepping stone to share what they know. 

Health workers undergo a rigorous education, such as masters in public health online degree programs. They know how to impart knowledge to people as effectively as possible. They utilize social media by creating hospitals’ social media accounts to share the latest developments. People can visit them on their phones or computer and get to know what they need to do to stay infection-free and what they need to do, if god forbid, they contract it.


Whenever there is a hospital present in your locality, always know that they will do whatever it takes to spread awareness about a disease when it starts to take lives. Hospitals regularly send out healthcare workers to people living near their premises to spread awareness. They usually have printed pamphlets and brochures that explain what corona is and how people can prevent it. They also visit local malls and supermarkets, standing in the checkout ques, passing on these informative brochures to people while paying for their groceries. 

They also collaborate with the local government to conduct health drives and awareness campaigns to impart knowledge about the symptoms of COVID-19 and how to take preventative measures against it. These individuals work tirelessly to ensure that everyone in their community knows about the disease and its after-effects. It is something that every person must do. 


You might say that how a billboard can spread awareness? It’s simple. A colossal billboard is unavoidable compared to a tiny pamphlet or brochure you can throw away in the trash can. How will you avoid a billboard when you drive by it. Hospitals are investing tons of cash into spreading awareness. They use billboards so that viewers will get intrigued and stop to read what it shows to them.

A simple image of someone washing hands with a text asking you to do the same goes a long way. Although it takes a lot of money to advertise something on a billboard, the results you can see are always beneficial. Maybe someone driving by will see it and decide to follow the instruction written on it, and that will be one life saved. Imagine if thousands of people see it and observe what’s written on it. In such a case, it will be beneficial for the hospital and the entire humankind. 


People usually think of a cold call as a means for a business to sell its product. When speaking in strict marketing terms, a hospital is a business. Usually, with cold calling, an individual sits and calls up people asking them to buy their business’s product. You, yourself, might have picked up many of these calls in your life but ignored them after you put your phone down. In terms of healthcare, a health worker might call you up, asking for a few spare minutes, and he/she will share with you information about COVID-19 and how dangerous of a virus it is. They might also share preventative measures you can take and things you can do to avoid its spread. Hearing such advice about a disease that continues to ravage people’s lives will always be more valuable than somebody who only wants you to buy their products. It is enough to spread awareness, and the healthcare worker doesn’t need to visit you physically. 


Countless healthcare professionals remain on the frontlines with the battle against Coronavirus, which seems to be a neverending one. Whether it be public nurses, doctors, counselors, or anyone else, all of them are playing their part. They are always spreading awareness to limit the number of infections. If you want to do the same for humanity, consider how these individuals spread the awareness and try to do the same yourself. After all, you will be playing a part in something bigger than yourself.