The year 2020 has been extremely challenging. The pandemic has put a halt on all kinds of activities around the globe. Everything from malls to universities and airports had to be closed down. However, the world is still trying to normalize as restrictions are being eased. Businesses are reopening with strict guidelines on the size of gatherings to reduce the spread of the virus, including many educational institutions. Nonetheless, due to the prevailing uncertainty, Individuals who intended to enroll in a university or college for higher education are now considering enrolling in an online program.

Indeed, online education was still an option before the pandemic. But its relevance has increased even further given the current situation. 

With that said, let’s discuss the 10 best online degrees to pursue during COVID-19. 


Even steering a country through a pandemic and lockdown requires exceptional leadership skills! Are you goal-oriented? Do you like motivating people to achieve their goals? If yes, then pursuing a leadership degree is the right choice for you. The world is changing quickly, and it needs many new leaders to create a direct path to lead a group of people into the change. The challenges we’re facing during the pandemic can also prove to be a learning experience for studying situations that demand excellent leadership and the implementation of carefully planned strategies.

Earning an online leadership degree will train you with all the necessary skills to be an outstanding leader. Moreover, the degree will also enable you to expand your role for increasing productivity and employee engagement at your current workplace. 


Nurses have always been in demand, yet the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has escalated this demand further. A report by WHO estimated a shortage of 5.9 million nurses in the last decade. And with the pandemic, the demand for nurses isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  There is a promising job outlook for individuals with a professional educational background in the nursing sector. You can earn different nursing degrees online to develop expertise in healthcare fields like community health, pediatric care, and many more.


Apart from nursing, psychology is another top tier healthcare degree that can be acquired online. Unfortunately, the covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns have taken a toll on people’s mental health. The demand for therapy and counseling has subsequently increased. However, online psychology degrees aren’t limited t individual patient health. You can choose from several paths, including forensic, clinical, and criminal psychology. The US BLS stated that psychology employment is expected to increase at a rate of 14% in the coming years. These figures add a promising job outlook for individuals with psychology. 

Supply Chain Management

The employment of individuals with a degree in supply chain management was dropped to 5.8% in recent years. However, with the current pandemic, supply chain management has become more important globally. Businesses are facing considerable financial losses due to a decrease in sales and the unavailability of cost-effective distribution channels. Hence skilled professionals with a degree in supply chain management have become valuable resources to companies seeking alternate distribution channels to keep their business operations afloat. A relevant qualification is sure to land you a well paying job next year.


Be it a yearly audit or cost-cutting during an economic crunch as a pandemic ravages across the globe, accountants are always in demand. And this demand isn’t going to diminish in the future. Not to mention, professional accounting degrees are easily available online. 

Physician Assistant

If there is one thing that coronavirus has taught us, it would be the importance of the role a physician assistant plays in the healthcare sector. These people are the unsung heroes of this war against covid-19. What’s even better is that even after the pandemic is over, the demand for trained physician assistants in the healthcare sectors will not slow down. And just like psychology and nursing majors, there is an abundance of accredited online programs to equip people with the necessary skill set to start their career as a physician assistant.

Software Developer

Apart from the healthcare sector, there is also a high demand for skilled professionals in the technology sector. Covid-19 has prompted businesses to consider establishing a more prominent online presence. We, as customers too, have seen an increase in the time we spend on the internet. Brands are now considering the feasibility of brick and mortar stores in the long run and the impact of online stores on their cost of operation. Subsequently, the need for skilled developers will increase in the months to come.

Online degrees in software engineering, development, and web development have become of immense importance now.

Social Work

Social work can be a unique and rewarding career for individuals committed to enhancing our social fabric.

With aging populations, the global healthcare crisis, and numerous social ills that prevail, the employment potential for people with an education in specific areas of social work is growing at a fast rate. Some of the areas of study include programs specialized in helping cope with addiction, depression, homelessness, abandonment, and joblessness. There is an abundance of online programs offering both undergrad and postgrad degrees in social work, and most of them are quite affordable.


Does law interest you? Legal services are always in demand, and this is probably the best time to pursue an online law degree. The course work is lengthy and requires giving a considerable amount of time. But if you’re working from home due to the pandemic, allotting time and maintaining focus shouldn’t be too hard. And before you know it, you’ll be ready to practice in no time.

Digital Marketing

And lastly, how can a discussion about online degrees and education be complete without talking about digital marketing? In the current global situation, more businesses are trying to establish an online presence. The internet and social media platforms have become extremely powerful tools to generate leads and conversions. Traditional marketing strategies now need to focus on a more holistic point of view, including digital marketing. Earning an online degree in digital marketing will give you detailed insights into different strategies and practices like SEO, SMO, social media, and email advertising. You will have a considerable edge over other marketing professionals. In fact, if you have a BBA or an MBA, this will be a huge bump to your skillset and resume.


No doubt the pandemic is a tough time for all of us. But we can all make the most of it by enhancing our knowledge to open more career opportunities for ourselves. People consider online education a scam, but it isn’t. it is just as authentic as education acquired in a college or university. So what are you waiting for? Look up an online program that interests you and register now!