If you’re a woman in your 40s, it’s likely you’ve encountered the challenges of this decade of life. So much can change for women during the ten years between 40 and 50. From new aches in the body to stress to fluctuating hormones, it’s tough to know how to handle these new situations.

Every woman in her 40s can benefit from CBD oil though. Here are five ways CBD could help:

1. Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Getting older can increase anxiety and depression.

These conditions are typically treated with pharmaceutical drugs that have all sorts of side effects. In some cases, the side effects can be more devastating than the condition they aim to treat.

Plus, there is no risk of addiction like there is with benzodiazepines which are often used to treat anxiety.

Using CBD oil to alleviate symptoms is a safer and more natural approach.

2. Alleviate PMS Symptoms

CBD oil can lessen PMS symptoms at any age. Women in their 40s, however, are beginning to enter the early stages of perimenopause.

It’s not uncommon for them to experience different symptoms than they did when they were younger. These can include debilitating cramps, painful muscle aches, and excessive bloating.

Knowing how to use CBD oil to help with these painful or uncomfortable symptoms can make all the difference.

3. Help Manage Hormonal Imbalance

In their younger years, women generally experience hormone production at a regular rate. When women begin to enter perimenopause though, their hormones become imbalanced. They may begin to experience menstrual irregularity, mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, and vaginal atrophy.

Hemp-based CBD products are loaded with gamma-linolenic acid. This is an omega-6 fatty acid known to help regulate hormones.

4. Improve Sleep

The stresses of everyday life take a toll on one’s ability to sleep. This is especially true for women. CBD oil can be tremendously helpful in calming the mind and body and aiding in sleep.

Women are far more likely to experience symptoms of insomnia than men. Just one night of insomnia can leave them feeling tired or confused during the day.

After several days, the body begins to release excess cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that breaks down the skin’s collagen production. Without collagen, the skin loses elasticity.

Plus, losing too much sleep over time can weaken bones and reduce muscle mass.

Since women in their 40s are already experiencing less collagen production and at increased risk for arthritis and osteoporosis, getting sleep is essential for restoring the body.

5. Benefit Heart Health

CBD may provide several benefits for the heart – including the ability to lower high blood pressure. This may be as a result of the stress- and anxiety-reducing properties of CBD. For women in their 40s who have increased blood pressure, using CBD could reduce the risks of stroke and heart attack in association with it.

In addition, the antioxidant properties of CBD could also help reduce the inflammation and cell death associated with heart disease.

How Can You Benefit From CBD Oil?

Because of its effectiveness is so many arenas, the CBD marketplace is growing quickly. So there’s bound to be some way you can benefit from CBD oil to usher you through your 40s.

Give it a try!

And for more informative and educational articles like this, keep checking back with us.