If you’re starting on a series workout you need to know how you’re going to hydrate before, after and during. Working out taxes your muscles and raises your body temperature. As your body temperature rises, you need to do something about the heat. The solution for your body is perspiration: your sweat glands go to work, creating a sheen of moisture on your skin. As this evaporates, it cools your body down, but it leaves you dehydrated. The further you push your body, the more you dehydrate, and if you’re working out on a hot day or pushing yourself through walls of exhaustion (which are partially erected by your body to prevent you from overheating and dehydration) then you need to know your options for rehydrating in order to stay safe.


The simplest option for rehydration is make sure you have a bottle of water with you. This tops up your reserve of fluids, quells your thirst and – if you keep insulated – helps in itself to control your body temperature.

It also has some major drawbacks: water is heavy, for one. If you’re working out in a gym then it’s easy to top up, but if you’re running outdoors or hiking in the countryside the you’ll have to carry enough water to cover your trip or risk getting into difficulties (including dizziness, headaches, mental fuzziness or even unconsciousness). This weighs you down and limits the length and duration of your workout.

The other major drawback is that water only replaces fluid, but that’s not all you lose when you sweat. Your body also loses salts and various important minerals. And you need to think about replacing those as well.

Sports Hydration Drinks

Sports drinks branded as ‘isotonic’ contain the same mix of salts, sugar and minerals as the human body, and therefore can help to replenish those vital resources and prevent you suffering the worst effects of dehydration.

The problem is they also have the worst drawbacks of water: they’re heavy and hard to transport, more expensive than bottled water and harder to replace in the field.

Rehydration Powders

There are products than contain the best of both worlds: rehydration powders and tablets that provide the balance of salts and minerals from isotonic drinks, but are light and easily transportable to be dissolved in water wherever it’s available.

If you’re looking for rehydration tablets, ORS provides a range to suit every need, and simply keeping a packet of these in your gym bag can ensure you never end up dehydrated after a workout.