Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, remaining healthy and safe is on virtually everyone’s mind. The question is, how can you give your immune system a fighting chance in a world filled with bacteria and viruses? Chances are that you have overlooked one of the most basic tools for keeping us safe from disease—water, according to leading Hawaiian volcanic bottled water company Waiakea Water. Here is a look at why water is fundamental for maintaining overall good health, and what Waiakea Water is doing to help to promote clean water.

The fact that your body is 60% water is an indication of how critical clean water is to your body’s daily operation. For each physiological system to function properly, you must receive adequate hydration, as water helps to maintain the health of your organs. Water also allows your blood to flow efficiently so that it easily transports the nutrients and oxygen that all of your body’s cells need. Water helps your body to eliminate toxins as well.

However, in addition to helping your body on a physical level, water plays a major role in your brain health as well, according to Waiakea Water. In fact, even a mild level of dehydration can impair your brain’s function, thus impacting your mood and your ability to concentrate. A lack of water can also lead to frequent headaches.

Unfortunately, not all people in the world have access to potable water. For this reason, Waiakea Water has partnered with Pump-Aid to provide clean water in Africa. The bottled water company donates one week’s worth of its water to the global nonprofit organization for every liter of bottled water it sells. Through this partnership, Waiakea Water hopes to provide more people worldwide with the clean water they so desperately need to survive and thrive both physically and mentally in the months and years ahead.