Recognised as Australia’s most expansive metropolis, Sydney is a place where people can experience both the comforts of urban life and the relaxing vibe of natural surroundings. With its sunny weather, beautiful landscapes, and economic opportunities, it is not surprising that over five million people choose to reside in the Harbour City.

Sydney is also a popular destination among local and international students as it is home to some of the world’s leading universities and colleges. The city also offers numerous study options in all fields, including childcare.

If you plan on taking any of the childcare courses in Sydney, you may want to pause and carefully think about your decision. While the childcare industry is growing strongly through the years, this career requires more than just interest as it impacts the lives of children. To know whether childcarer work is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Do You Love Children?

Most people find children cute and fun. They are easy to love when behaving and being their adorable self, but kids can also be stubborn and difficult to handle when they do not get their way. Do you love them either way?

While loving kids is not necessarily a technical requirement to pursue a career in childcare, it is crucial to grow and find fulfilment in this job. Loving children means that you have an innate motivation to help them learn new things, develop skills, and explore their unique abilities. If you feel uncomfortable and exhausted around kids, you may want to reconsider your career since you will find it difficult to prosper if you do not love what you do.

Can You Readily Respond to Unpredictable Events?

Teaching and caring for children is like an adventure. You can prepare with all your might, but nothing is truly certain. They can be completely cooperative one day and be truly chaotic the next.

You will encounter kids who suffer from separation or social anxiety. You will also work with children with opposite personalities. Given the unpredictable nature of the job, you should not only be patient but flexible as well.

Can you readily ditch your schedule for the day and do something spontaneous if you find your class uncooperative and restless? If you thrive in an environment with a strict and predictable schedule, working in childcare may not be right for you.

Are You Active and Energetic?

Whether you realise it or not, a career in childcare requires tons of energy, strength, and endurance. Children have difficulty paying attention, so you need to facilitate games, singing, dancing, and do all sorts of lively activities to keep the kids engaged. If you are the type who enjoys sitting in a corner and working in a quiet environment, you may find it difficult to thrive in childcare work.

Can You Handle Criticisms?

Working with children means you are also working with their parents. No matter how skilled you are, you cannot please everybody. Life will always throw you individuals who think they know better and will try to demean your efforts. If you can control your negative feelings and take the criticisms as a challenge to grow and improve in your career, you will most likely survive the uncontrollable feedback aspect of the job.

The questions mentioned above will help you get a sense of what childcare work entails. Moreover, your responses will reveal the truth as to whether taking childcare courses in Sydney is the right path for you. Remember that while being a childcarer is a rewarding job, it can be demanding and challenging, so you need time to think carefully.