Whether you travel for business or pleasure, finding the right tools can make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable. Credit cards that boast travel rewards are nothing new, but redeeming those points can be an arduous and frustrating process. Brim Financial is changing the way we see the relationship between credit card rewards and travel.

 Enter the Brim Marketplace, an online shop where cardholders can check out special offers and reward bonuses from the businesses they already use. It is an exclusive club that you’re given access to just by being a Brim cardholder. Thomas Patterson, Brim Financial’s senior product manager, shares the company’s plan to focus on international travelers, saying, “We are globalizing the Brim Marketplace so cardholders can take full advantage and earn and redeem offers all around the world.”

Unlike traditional cards, Brim Financial allows you to redeem points on anything wherever Mastercard is accepted. Instead of choosing from limited flights or hotel offerings, customers can search on their own for the best deals on the market. No more issues with blackout dates or over inflated point requirements for booking. If those weren’t perks enough, Brim also offers zero foreign transaction fees and free global Wi-Fi access. 

When traveling abroad, security is always a concern. Brim is one of the first credit cards that allows you to block transactions in real time through your mobile app in real time. Additionally, you have access to premium travel insurance options through the Brim World Elite card ($199 annual fee). The World Elite Card covers lost baggage, medical insurance and rental car insurance. Brim was also one of the first to launch event reimbursement. “We really go above and beyond to create an exceptional [travel] experience for our members,” Patterson added.