Traveling to a foreign land is enticing; but it can be troublesome for first time travelers, if they are ignorant about key aspects like documents and what they are allowed to carry, etc. Let’s say for instance that you are planning to travel from Germany to the USA to attend an event and then maybe remaining for some days of vacation. In this case, you must know about the required documents you’ll need to travel, your baggage allowance, carry-on luggage and also applicable security measures. Before delving into all this, let us first talk about Germany airports.

The busiest and main German airports are Frankfurt Rhein-Main, Munich Franz Josef Strauss and Dusseldorf International. German security rules are very strict. If you are boarding a flight from the Germany airport, you must know about their security requirements. The airport authorities have specified certain products which you cannot carry while traveling from Germany to the USA. Knowing about these rules will make traveling hassle-free.

Here is what can you carry in the carry-on baggage and check-in luggage. When it comes to carry-on luggage from Germany to the USA then you should know that:

  • the containers having liquids or gels must not be more than 100 ml;

  • this must be placed in transparent bags.

  • there is no restriction on medications and medically required foods like baby food or food with special dietary needs.

It’s also important to have clear in mind that some airlines provide such food items onboard so you can check with them.

The weight of carry-on or hand baggage and check-in baggage is different. This may slightly vary from one airline to another. In recent years, the allowance of carry-on baggage is also linked to your ticket fare. Of course, the more expensive it is, the more baggage you can carry. You have an event to attend, so you definitely don’t want to forget anything necessary at home. So, check with your airline before packing your luggage and head to the airport.

For security reasons, you cannot carry guns, devices like pepper sprays, tear gas, acid sprays etc., sharp objects, explosives, workmen’s tool, etc. If you are unsure about certain products that you can take along in the carry-on luggage, then it’s advisable that you must speak to the airline about the same before leaving from home.

You can shop around if you are looking for some great stuff, then boarding pass gives you access to buy cosmetics, wines, sweets, games, accessories and toys. The passengers are allowed to buy duty-free products on a commercial flight via security checkpoint, but the products must be packed in transparent bags and sealed by sales staff after purchasing the product.

The passengers are also required to carry a readable document specifying the products purchased. There are some special rules that you need to follow when it comes to carrying liquids or gels at Frankfurt airport; one needs to keep them in sealed bags (as described by the authorities). You cannot open the sealed bags until you reach the destination. It is recommended that you must enquire about the regulation before doing a packing.

Required documents to travel to USA

One of the key factors the travelers need to consider while they are traveling from Germany is Electronic System for Travel Authorization or ESTA. You need ESTA if you are German, since the country belongs to Visa Waiver Country and are traveling for pleasure or medical or business purpose for not more than 90 days. Germany joined the visa waiver program in 1989. The ESTA is required even if you are traveling via air or sea. To apply for an ESTA authorization, the travelers are required to have:

  • a valid electronic and machine-readable passport. Infants, child, teen or adult travelers required separate ESTA.

  • An email account to receive the authorization (the whole procedure is fully online).

  • A credit card to pay the authorization fee.

With this information, you can pack your bags suitably so that you don’t face problems when leaving Germany or even when arriving at any of the US airports.

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