offers a rewards program for members of its RCLUB – a membership-only benefits package designed to provide a personalized, human travel booking experience. But does it really deliver? We’ll take a closer look at the program’s incentives and see how it differs from other travel booking services.

I’ve had plenty of experience with product and service club memberships. I still have a drawer full of makeup from a cosmetics club I foolishly enrolled in while in college, and I’m currently subscribed to two meal delivery services which – if I hadn’t paused them – would ship me more ingredients than I could ever possibly cook. In other words, I love the idea of convenient membership programs, but the reality often leaves something to be desired. RCLUB is a program from that claims to “bring the human touch back into the travel planning and reservation process.” This is something that, as a frequent traveler, I could definitely put to good use. But is it worth the effort? What is it, really?

RCLUB was implemented to give the consumer the experience of having a real, human travel professional’s guidance through the reservation and booking process. RCLUB members’ Travel Advisors offer an experienced traveler’s input as to where to find the best accommodations, restaurants, and sites for the customer’s budget and tastes. Do you need help navigating a strange city? Your Travel Advisor will be available to help guide you. Best of all, Travel Advisors are actual people the client can talk to!

In addition to the services of your personal Travel Advisor, RCLUB offers a special pricing structure for members, as well as first access to seasonal discounts and special offers.

The beauty of the RCLUB is the richness of travel resources – membership allows customers to craft customized journeys that allow them to discover the nuanced beauty of their travel destinations. While most price-comparing booking sites offer ease and access to budget-friendly accommodations, RCLUB is the only online resource that helps serious travelers create complex and individually tailored itineraries that give them a truly unique experience.

How do I sign up for RCLUB?

Signing up for RCLUB is as easy as booking a hotel reservation through the site. After you book a hotel reservation using the feature, you can opt to sign up for RCLUB. It’s as easy as that!

I am very impressed by RCLUB’s suite of services, and I think that it offers especially valuable features for people who appreciate experiencing a destination like a local, with access to the unique corners of a region that casual visitors could easily miss.

Most Millennials haven’t experienced the personalized service of travel agencies, but with RCLUB, everyone from annual vacationers to professional travelers can access features, guidance, and support that will help them plan their ultimate trip.

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