When it comes to coal mining, keeping consistent standards amongst all operations is crucial. Founded in 2018, Sibanthracite Group has united three of the region’s largest metallurgical coal mines: Open-Pit Mine Vostochny, Siberian Anthracite, and Open-Pit Mine Kizassky. To keep producing an optimal product efficiently, the creation of a quality management system that dictates uniform standards was a vital move.

“A single quality control center makes it possible to control and improve the attributes of our products more effectively.” Explains Ekaterina Sorokina, Sibanthracite’s Deputy Technical Director for Quality. “Standardizing production processes and ensuring customer satisfaction- this is why we have implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system.”

Quality standards dictate that all steps of production are monitored, from mining to shipment. All finished materials from Sibanthracite Group go through a rigorous two-step inspection process.

Samples from each freight car are shipped to the quality management center and tested by Sibanthracite’s inspectors and an independent third-party company. When the materials arrive at ports, they are subject to a second inspection by an independent international company. In the end, there is no question concerning the standard of materials that have been shipped to the client. The level of quality of the final product is established by international certificates that are provided when materials reach a particular grade.

When asked about what makes the group different from other coal manufacturers in the region, Ekaterina added, “Our competitive edge is the high quality of our products.”

Dmitry Bosov Sibanthracite Group is ranked first in the production and export of UHG anthracite throughout the world, and is the largest producer of metallurgical coal at the domestic level. Sibanthracite Group is one of the most dynamically developing coal companies in Russia. In 2018, it produced 24.1 million tonnes of coal and anthracite.