CBD products are one of the biggest new trends in the wellness industry, and given the huge range of different products on offer, it’s well worth informing yourself about how to take it to get the best effect.

Buying CBD

You’ll find CBD products in many high street shops: health food stores, chemists and even some supermarkets. You can also find specialist retailers online, like Dayzed CBD. If you go to a reputable retailer then you can feel confident you are getting CBD products that contain the ingredients they advertise on the label and also that they meet the requirements for legal sale in the UK and EU – and therefore contain only trace levels of THC.

Different CBD Products

If you inspect the CBD shelves of a pharmacy or the inventory of an online store, you’ll be surprised by the sheer variety on offer! There’s CBD oil, of course but even this is available in different quantities and concentrations, and you’ll also find edibles, teas, topical creams and e-liquid you can use to fill a vape, among others.

Making the right choice means understanding how these different products function, and how they interact with the different conditions you might be trying to manage using CBD to help. In general, the most useful divide is between chronic and acute conditions.

Chronic Pain, Stress and Anxiety

If the reason you’re taking CBD is to help relieve the constant symptoms of an acute condition, then you need to be sure the active components take a longer time to break down, so they enter your blood stream over an extended period, offering less intense but longer lasting effects. This means that edibles and teas are good choice here.

You can buy ready made CBD tea (with the oil either infused into tealeaves, or made from the Cannabis plant directly) and foods like gummy sweets, but you can also make your own, by dropping CBD oil into drinks (or even food!). Be aware you’ll need to include milk or a milk substitute as CBD doesn’t dissolve in water.

Acute Conditions

If you want to combat acute conditions like spikes of pain or anxiety, then you need a fast acting solution. Dropping a dose CBD infused oil under the tongue with a dropper is one of the most common ways of taking CBD and it’s also one of the most speedily effective: by applying the oil here it can be absorbed quickly by the body and more of the compound can be used.

Vape juice is another fast acting, highly bioavailable way to take CBD that makes it easy to take a dose when you need to in a hurry!