There is a clinic which offers a mini face lift near me and they have been advertising a great deal recently in local media. This has sparked the interest of many people and I have never walked past that clinic without seeing people inside. Curiosity got the better of me and so I began researching what exactly a mini face lift is, and why so many people prefer this treatment instead of a full facelift. The results have been very interesting which is why we want to share them with you today.

Here is exactly why this treatment is growing in popularity.

Simplicity of the Procedure

This version of a face lift is for people younger than the age of 60 and simply put it is a much more basic version of a face lift. The lines which are cut into the face are much finer and do not permeate as deeply as the scalpel does during a full face lift. Owing to these lines being cut less deeply, there is not as much stitching required.

Speed of the Procedure

The more simple and less invasive the procedure, the faster that it can be completed. In some cases this is something which can actually be achieved within hour. This is a very advanced and highly skilled procedure which has been designed with speed in mind.

Lower Cost of The Procedure

The costs involved in this kind of treatment are usually based around time. Because the mini face lift takes less time for the surgeon to complete, the lower the costs are for the client. An average full face lift costs around $7,500, depending of course on where the procedure takes place. Conversely the mini face lift costs an average of $4,500. This is because of the shorter amount of time which the surgeon needs to spend, as well as less time using the theater and the supporting staff.

Quicker Recovery Following This Procedure

Face lifts, as we have discussed, are invasive and that means that there is a much longer road to recovery for the client. The mini face lift on the other hand ensures that people recover much quicker. There is still recommended recovery time and clients will see some bruising and feel pain in the days after the procedure. Recovery time however is cut from around 3-4 weeks, to just 10-14 days before feeling 100%. This of course is another reason why so many prefer this procedure.

Success Rate of The Procedure

As we have mentioned, the techniques behind this treatment are incredibly advanced and that is exactly why the success rate is so high. Clients are all but guaranteed high quality results, which will have been discussed with the surgeon prior to the procedure. Expectations are managed based on exactly what the client wants, and the results are almost always in line with this.

These are the reasons why so many people are opting for the mini face lift.