June 2020 saw record-smashing sales numbers with 3.9 million firearms sold. This number includes the additional 1.4 million firearms that would normally be sold in a June month. If you are one of these recent gun purchasers,  then the next natural desire is to want to carry your new firearm.

After you obtain a concealed weapons permit for your state, you’ll need to purchase a gun holster. This is a device that lets you carry your firearm while also concealing it and keeping it readily within reach.

You’ve probably taken the time to invest in a quality firearm; this guide will show you why you also need to invest in a quality holster.


When you decide to carry a firearm, you need to take gun safety seriously. The holster that you use needs to keep the firearm safe and secured in the holster. It should have features that prevent accidental firing or someone else taking the firearm from the holster.

The most basic of protections is a trigger guard. Another nice feature is an audible click to confirm you’ve seated the gun correctly in the holster.


If you plan on carrying a firearm every day, then you need a holster that’s durable enough to withstand this level of use. The materials used to make the holster should be high quality and durable.  Then the construction method should be just as secure.

Depending on your firearm’s size, it can be quite heavy, especially after carrying it all day. Because of this, you’ll want a holster that’s lightweight so that it doesn’t add to the overall weight.

Traditional holsters use leather. It’s waterproof and durable. Modern holsters use a combination of materials, such as composites, that are lightweight, waterproof, and durable.


Many concealed carry holsters focus on how it carries and fits the gun. They forget about how it fits on the person. The holster you purchase needs to fit both your firearm and your body.

Look at how the holster attaches to your body. It should feel comfortable enough to not pinch or rub your skin raw after wearing it all day. It also needs to truly be concealed if that is the design intention.

Protection of the Firearm

Your holster should protect your firearm while you’re carrying it. Some types of holsters leave your firearm exposed, and this can lead to marks and damage. Other holsters can actually cause damage because they lack internal protection.

The holster you use should have a soft and protective lining. This will cushion the firearm while it sits in the holster. You can view more of these holsters online.


When you buy a quality firearm holster, you’ll have peace of mind, which is the most important factor. You carry a firearm for the sense of security and safety it gives you, and knowing your equipment reliably performs is the only way to have this.

Buy a Quality Gun Holster

If you plan to carry a firearm, then you need a gun holster. This is the only way you can safely carry your firearm on your person. You shouldn’t buy just any holster, though.

Look for a high-quality holster that uses durable materials and sturdy construction. It should fit your firearm and be comfortable to wear.

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