If you’ve been through the back-to-school season, the Christmas buying frenzy, or Black Friday, chances are you have a few unwanted gift cards.

Gift cards seem like an ideal solution because you can give a gift people didn’t even know they were looking for!

Unfortunately, people often end up with unwanted gift cards in their wallets or purse, and now they are just taking up space. So what to do with unwanted gift cards?

Keep reading for a few gift card hacks to help you make the most of those cards sitting around your house.

1. Donate to Charities

One of the most impactful things you can do with your unwanted gift cards is to donate them to charity. With a quick online search, you can learn how to donate your gift cards and find numerous charities that accept and make use of gift cards.

Such charities include organizations supporting veterans and those aiding homeless individuals and families. Donating your cards is the perfect way to not only reduce the amount of plastic waste but also help make a difference to those in need.

Furthermore, your gift cards will be put to immediate use in charities. So, if you have any, don’t let them gather dust – donate them to charities and make a difference!

2. Trade Gift Cards With Friends and Family

If you find yourself with an unwanted gift card, there are ways to make the most of it. One such way is to trade gift cards with your friends and family.

Gift cards can be used to purchase anything from food and clothes to electronics and home goods. Through this process of exchanging unwanted gift cards, you are able to find somebody who needs what you have and is offering something of equal value in return.

People can have fun trading different gift cards and using the new items that the gift cards buy. With a trade of gift cards from friends and family, you can save yourself money and, at the same time, give somebody else something that they need.

3. Exchange Unused Gift Cards for Cash

If you have a stack of unused gift cards, you can exchange them for fast cash at websites and apps. There are many online platforms and services that specialize in buying and selling unused gift cards with cash offering as payment.

Download here for one of the best platforms that offer a lot of flexibility. Using these platforms makes it easy to turn an unwanted gift card into easy money, which can be used for whatever purpose you see fit. Exchanging an unwanted gift card for quick cash is a great way to get value out of a card that you may not have had any use for.

Make the Most Out of Unwanted Gift Cards

Unwanted gift cards are not just something to be thrown away! Whether you are giving them away, trading them in, using them yourself, or selling them, there are many imaginative things you can do with them.

Take advantage of the options available and put that card to good use. 

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