As the world shifts more and more online, keeping connected becomes only faster and easier. But the high-profile cyber security breaches targeting multinational corporations and prominent political parties have made it all too clear that data needs to stay protected.

When a company suffers a data breach, it can harm their finances and reputation in a way that can be difficult to recover from. Large businesses take a massive hit, but actually more than half of the victims of hacking are small businesses, and many fold as a result.

Emails and text messaging are ubiquitous in business, but actually an experienced hacker only needs 15 minutes or so to penetrate a Gmail account. It’s within this context that businesses are looking for the most cutting edge communications technology which lets people work effectively and efficiently, while also keeping the content of their messages absolutely secure.

End-to-End Encryption

The highest grade security on the market is a smartphone with end-to-end encryption. While encryption has been available for some years, earlier models of encrypted phones had greatly reduced functionality: it was impossible to offer both world-class features and world-class security.

That is no longer the case as today’s encrypted smartphones have an array of features you’re used to that are powerful and easy to use. If you use the ChatMail Secure messaging platform you’ll get the best encryption security and functionality on the market.

The patented ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP) boasts a seamless interface that allows users the best encryption available with smartphones features they expect, such as chat, group chat, image messaging, and voice messaging.

Easy to Use

What good is a secure device, if you need to be a tech expert to use it? When two users communicate using phones with the same encryption provider, they’ll default to the highest level of encryption automatically, known as Curve25519. They can also manually opt for using PGP encryption with contacts using a different provider.

You’ll always be able to reach the broadest number of people, in a way where security is effortless. Your contacts will be colour-coded, so it’s easy to toggle between encryption types. You’ll always get maximum security with minimum effort.

All Info Stored on Phone Itself

Personal information that isn’t stored on a server cannot possibly be intercepted. Even if an identity thief or a hacker were to get their hands on the physical phone itself, the best security providers include secondary encryption to prevent a physical break-in.

Another important layer of secondary security is auto-delete functions, which allow the user to control the number of minutes or days in which their messages self-destruct.

Encryption Keys

The industry leaders in encryption technology give users total control over their encryption keys, so they can easily generate new ones right away. The key cache should be designed to create new public keys every twenty four hours, so there’s no need to fear that you’re using an old key.

You don’t need to worry about cyber crimes when you take proper precautions to avoid the dangers, and that means using end-to-end encryption that keeps you safe and lets you get the job done.