The global energy crisis is a serious problem with real consequences for regular people. The energy crisis in Europe is exemplified by the UK situation, where electricity costs are expected to double. As time goes by, rolling blackouts may become a regular occurrence in California and the Southwest.

Of course, all of this has implications for the environment and global warming. Yet, for all the coverage of the gas crisis, there is a substantial amount of misinformation floating around.

Keep reading to discover three myths you should know about the current global energy crisis.

1. Russia Is Coming Out a Winner

A common refrain about the energy crisis is that Russia is coming out ahead of the game. On an extremely short-term view, yes, Russia has netted some financial gains from rising prices for oil and gas exports.

Of course, the situation won’t remain static. Russia has made a lot of moves that will damage the country in the long term.

Russia has likely caused permanent damage to its position with the EU, a major customer of its oil and gas exports. It will also suffer from the sanctions that will limit any influx of investment or technology from the West.

2. Clean Energy Caused this Problem

Some critics want to lay the blame for the current and any future global energy crisis on clean energy initiatives. The reasoning goes that investments in clean energy reduced investment in traditional fossil fuel resources. If countries had remained focused on fossil fuels, they’d have resources on hand to combat the gas crunch.

The reality is that more clean energy investment and wider adoption of low-carbon energy would have taken a lot of the sting out of the energy crisis. After all, you don’t need fossil fuels to store solar-generated electricity in batteries you got from

3. The Crisis will Undermine Climate Change Efforts

Another talking point that keeps turning up is that the energy crisis will undermine efforts to reduce manmade climate change. After all, in the search for cheaper and reliable electricity, governments may double down on fossil fuels.

Even if some of this happens in the short term, many governments have codified climate change reduction efforts into law. Instead of driving governments back into the arms of fossil fuels, the global energy crisis may very well kick off a much deeper and wider effort to advance and adopt alternative energy.

Recognizing Global Energy Crisis Myths

Recognizing global energy crisis myths for what they are can help you spot the underlying goal of those espousing them. The claim that Russia wins in some way from the global energy crisis has more to do with East-West propaganda than reality.

Blaming clean energy for the crisis just exposes biases against clean energy that existed before the energy crisis came along. The myth that the energy crisis will shut down climate change reduction efforts is mostly wishful thinking from political corners that claim climate change isn’t real.

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