Everyone seems to be into gaming these days, and if you ask the guys over at U R Main Player, you won’t hear anything but praise for the fact.

These days, everyone has their favorite video game, and some people have actively turned their hobby into their profession. The world of eSports is worth multiple millions of dollars, and it’s only getting bigger.

However, what if you’re not the kind of person that wasn’t to play games competitively in tournaments? Well, you’re just like most of the gaming world, enjoying your favorite titles on your favorite platforms just because you like to do so. 

If you genuinely are like that, this list of options found on Gamer Gift Card vendor U R Main Player was carefully calibrated and collected just for you. 

Below, we’ll talk a bit about our five favorite titles to fulfill all your gaming desires. 

DOOM Eternal Standard Edition (Xbox One)

Rip and tear your guts through the complete magnum opus that is DOOM Eternal Standard Edition. If you’re a real O.G. and remember way back in the day when DOOM 1 was released, you’ll know the feeling.

The anticipation, the gruesome graphics, the gameplay – all the elements blended in an unholy fusion known as DOOM, and it’s never felt better. DOOM Eternal Standard edition is perhaps one of the best games of the decade. It’s filled with blood and guts, entertaining gameplay, and challenging mechanics.

You can get yourself a copy for the Xbox One right on U R Main Player for €60.00, but you’ll get your money’s worth.  

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo)

Zelda has been a staple of the gaming world for decades at this point. Any seasoned gamer will have fond memories of driving in their parents’ car late at night and waiting for the street lights to come on so they can see their game on their non-backlit Gameboy.

Those were the days, but these days, we don’t have to face the same struggles. The fantastic world of Hyrule has come back with a reinvented, revamped, and reinvigorated. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a remake of the classic now brought to the latest Nintendo console, the Switch, and dare we say, it’s just as good, exciting, and adventurous as the original. 

Make sure to grab your copy on U R Main Player for €18.00 – an absolute steal!

Need For Speed Heat (Xbox One)

Riders on the storm featuring Snoop Dogg? That’s not a fever dream; it’s one of the many songs that have made Need For Speed such a memorable series. While you won’t find this particular tune in Need For Speed heat, you can expect to see some redlining, action-packed, racing excitement. 

Everyone knows that racing games, just like sports games, are best when enjoyed on a console, and that’s why U R Main Player stocks Need For Speed Heat for the one and only Xbox One. Not only do they have the best racing game for a console like the Xbox One, but they also have it for a more-than-affordable €30.00!

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Gold Edition (Xbox One)

We’ve dived into the exciting lives of Altair, Ezio, Edward Kenway, and so many more – but now it’s time to step into the boots of Kassandra. This time, we’re exploring Ancient Greece in a never-before-seen level of detail. 

Assassins Creed Odyssey offers all the fun features that Assassins Creed games are known for, and so much more. While this is not the latest installment in the franchise, the Gold Edition for the Xbox One comes with an extra mission and future DLCs, and you can get all that for a symbolic price of €85.00 on U R Main Player. 

Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice (Xbox One E.U.)

Sekiro had little to no buzz until it came out. Once it did come out, it seems that the world of gaming was so focused and overwhelmed by this game and all it had to offer that the whole market just halted, trying to beat the first portion of the game – and not everyone made it.

Sekiro is heralded for being one of the most challenging games to come out in the past couple of years, and people have even compared it to the likes of Dark Souls. This game has won numerous awards, including Game of the Year, which only shows how important it is. 

If you’re looking for some vengeance without the screaming, you’ll want to drop €55.00 on U R Main Player for Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice.

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re a passionate RPG player or a fast-paced FPS fanatic, we’re sure that you’ll find the right game gift card for you on U R Main Player. They stock all kinds of game gift cards for all sorts of platforms, as well as game store gift cards that you can redeem for anything you like. 

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