Do you exercise caution around unfamiliar animals? If you find hamsters annoying and snakes scary, perhaps it’s time to get a pet of your own!

Whether you want a friend to keep at home or something to care for in your backyard, there are many types of pets you can choose. The challenge lies in choosing the right one for you.

Thinking about your lifestyle and personality can help you avoid high-maintenance pet ownership. If you’re unsure about what kind of pet would fit into your lifestyle, here’s a list of the most popular types of pets.

Let’s get started!

Most Common Types of Pets

There are a variety of popular pets to choose from, but here are the most common ones.


Dogs have been bred for centuries to be loyal, loving, and protective companions, and there are now hundreds of different breeds to choose from.

Whether you want a small lapdog or a large guard dog, there’s a perfect breed out there for you.


Cats are popular because they are relatively low maintenance.

They are independent and are good at keeping themselves clean. Cats also have a wide range of personalities, so there is a cat out there for everyone.


Like cats, fish are also low-maintenance pets and can be kept in a small space.

Goldfish are especially popular as they are relatively inexpensive and easy to care for. However, there is a wide variety of fish that can make good pets, so it really depends on your preference.


Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures that are also interesting and low-maintenance pets but not as cuddly as a cat or a dog. Nonetheless, reptiles can be enjoyable to watch and care for.

Factors to Consider

Animals are sweet, but there are important things you should consider before getting a pet.

Your Home

For example, can you imagine yourself living with pet hair or the wear and tear that comes with having a pet? If you have children or seniors in the family, how will having a house pet affect them?

If you’re renting, are animals allowed on the property? Also, if you’re thinking of getting a cat, you need to have an outdoor enclosure so she can safely have fun outside.

Your Lifestyle

This is another thing you should consider. If you’re the active type, getting a dog should work fine. You can take long walks or even hike on trails together. If you’re sedentary, a less active pet, such as a cat or a reptile, might be right for you.

Your Budget

If you want a dog or cat, you know she needs to see her vet every once in a while. This is why pet insurance is also something to consider. Check out to get the pet insurance for your needs.

If you also like or need to travel from time to time, you must have a secondary caregiver who will be there with your pet while you’re away.

Choosing Your Pet

While we have listed the most common types of pets, there’s no reason to restrict yourself to this list. Just make sure to consider the factors that should affect your choices, such as your lifestyle, personality, level of physical activity, and more.

At the end of the day, you want to choose a pet that you can take care of without having to make major adjustments in your life.

We hope this article was helpful enough to you. If you need any more tips or guides, you’ll find more in this blog. Keep reading.