Iguanas are becoming a big issue in Florida. As a non-native invasive species, they have no natural predators in the area to help keep their numbers down. They are also known to spread diseases like salmonella.

There are some basic steps to take to help keep them from invading your yard, and pool. We’ve put together this short list to help you learn how to repel iguanas.

Don’t Feed Them

First and foremost, don’t feed the iguanas! This is like putting out a welcome mat for the iguanas and their friends.

Don’t feed them and avoid letting food sit outside unattended. While iguanas are herbivores, they will try any kind of food if it smells good. While we’re on the subject, don’t leave your pet’s food outside either or they’ll eat that too.

Pick Up Your Fruits

Iguanas love to eat fresh fruits, particularly mangoes and avocados, but any fruit will attract them. Fallen fruit is like an all you can eat buffet for iguanas. By picking them up you’re giving them less access to the fruits.

However, they can still climb the tree.

Tree Blocking

There are several companies that offer these services in Florida. They make so iguanas can’t climb back up into the trees. This further discourages iguanas from taking up residence in your yard.

Repel Iguanas With Loud Music and Noises

If you happen to look out of your window and notice a bunch of lizards laying around, make some noise. Loud banging noises or music can help scare away iguanas that are getting too comfortable on your lawn.

Iguanas are persistent and will likely come back after a little while. But if you keep doing this it might just annoy them enough to make them leave for good.

Change the Landscaping

Iguanas like to eat a variety of plants like hibiscus, roses, orchids, and impatiens. By getting rid of these plants in your yard you’re giving iguanas fewer reasons to occupy your space.

They also like to hide in rock piles or brush piles. So, removing these from your yard gives them fewer places to hide and lay eggs.

If you just can’t give up your hibiscus plant, try wrapping netting or a cage around your plants. This can deter iguanas from trying to hide in them or eating them.

Cover Your Trashcan

Iguanas are resourceful and persistent and will search your trash for their next meal. By covering your trashcan you are cutting off another food supply.

Many residents have noticed iguanas are actually learning to open lids to trashcans. You can remedy this by placing something heavy on top of the lid or by leaving it inside of a garage if you can.

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