I have done my fair share of traveling both as a young man and an older man in his 30s and something which has always annoyed me is this notion that you can somehow be too old to travel. This as well as the comments that people make who believe that they missed the boat after college and now traveling is completely off the cards, this just isn’t the case at all. For my buddy Steve Stapinski Andover, Massachusetts was his life, his family was there, friends work, everything, and I would often tell him to get away and do some traveling. Eventually Steven really surprised me and told me that he was off for 3 months in South East Asia,  it was one of the happiest pieces of news that I have received. 

Steven understood that there is no time limit or age limit on travel, and here is why you should hit the road if your heart desires it. 


As an older person you will appreciate the nuances and experiences of travel far more than any younger person may do. When you are young the traveling aspect is really more about the freedom, it is about having fun and soaking up the adventure. When you are a bit more mature, the thought process is more about what can you learn from other cultures, what kind of people are you likely to meet and what new experiences are you going to have. 

Breaking The ‘Rules’ 

It is essential that there are less and less people who believe this nonsense about time limits on when you can travel. This is because the more people who refuse to travel based on this assumption, means that more people are going to buy into the myth. If you do want to travel and someone dares to tell you that you can’t, go ahead and follow your heart. 


As an older person you will be much more likely to have your finances in order than not, and that makes for a far less stressful travel experience. There is a certain romance in being broke and on the road, but in reality that is something for the younger ones, us older heads prefer a nice bit of comfort when we travel, or at least the confidence that we know were our next meal is coming from. 

Meeting People 

Travel is and always has been a great way to meet people and if you fall into the ridiculous thought process that everyone on the road is going to be young, then you should get that out of your mind right now. You’ll meet young, old, middle aged men and women and you will have great experiences with them and make great friends during your time away, now why oh why would someone want to prevent another person from doing that! 

Go and see the world, it will not come to you.