The VoIP phone system is definitely one of the most trending services in the tech world today. Where traditional phones restrict the communication within particular geography and might cost the company huge, virtual calling system extends the same to cross border offices without having the need to pay extra dollars.

As businesses expand both in terms of operation and execution, leaders look for an alternative to connect with their distant peers, let alone the customers overseas. This is where the idea of having a virtual phone number to place calls peep in. They are not only versatile but also cheap. In addition to the above, VoIP calling gives users the ease to make calls from any or every device. The only thing needed is a healthy internet connection.

An excellent way to implement the above is via unified communication and collaboration services. It can be regarded as the collection of various software solutions that initiates hassle-free communication between the peers within the organization. From audio calls to video conferencing, such services encompass all.

In case, you are not sure which VoIP service to invest in, this article is perfect for you. Here, we outline some of the best VoIP phone system services for you to consider.

Top VoIP Phone Services to Look Out in 2020

  • CallHippo

One of the popularly known VoIP service providers, CallHippo offers multiple VoIP and Cloud telephony services, while providing hassle-free support from its multiple branches across the globe. Services are nominally rated and there does not prevail any lag between calling services. For a business that has above average calling needs, CallHippo seems to fit the puzzle best. Whether you wish to have unlimited calling or conferencing, this service includes it all. Signing up with them, you also avail customizable caller ID, toll-free numbers and support for multiple users as you request.

Buying the higher versions will get you a host of audio/video conferencing features along with the facility of recording calls. Walk down their feature list to buy the package that serves your purpose best.

  • 8×8

For organizations that have just started or are limited in size, the packages offered by 8×8 might seem ideal. The one that sells best and most at 8×8 is the virtual office plans and consists of a host of features that include: conferencing, call management, auto attendants, unlimited calling, mobile compatibility, etc.

What makes it the top of the choice of business entrepreneurs is the ability to integrate with CRM tools and services. In case, you have been accustomed to the platforms such as Zendesk, Salesforce or Netsuite, opting for 8×8 as the VoIP service provider might work wonders for you. The basic packages start at $25 per month and scales as high as $55 per month. Faxing and call recording features are the one that comes handy with the premium packages. Based on your requirements, you can select the ideal package.

  • Dialpad 

Heard about Uberconference? Well, that’s one of the areas where Dialpad is used. It is by far one of the best VoIP services you will find for small-sized businesses. Affordable rates and loads of features, this is all that your organization needs to kick start the internet telephony system.

Common features offered by Dialpad includes call forwarding and call controlling, toll-free numbers, unlimited calling across US/Canada, call waiting, HD video calling, voicemail greeting,  group texting, etc. Surprisingly, all of this would cost you not more than $15 per month. International calling and CRM tool integration is supported in the packages that cost $20 and higher.

In case, you aren’t sure if this service is ideal for your business, you can sign up for their trial version and then decide whether to continue or terminate the same.

  • Jive

Organizations with 100 or fewer employees benefit best from the services offered by Jive. Starting with a virtual phone number for unlimited calling ability, extending to and beyond recording, custom messages, multiple conference options, fax to email, call filtering,  virtual fax, and voicemail-to-email, jive has a vast repository of VoIP services needed to optimize your businesses communication. Security is a must here and you don’t have to worry about the privacy of all the interactions as jive supports an end-to-end encryption.

Features such as hot-desking and whispering come under premium packages and you need to pay little more for the same. Prices range between $20 & $30 and are best for organizations that are on their journey of growth. With jive, managers can drive integration with CRM tools such as Netsuite, Mailchimp, Zoho, etc.

Final Word

Even though the industry is crowded with VoIP services, finding the legitimate one requires time and effort. Looking for the best in class VoIP services, we suggest you invest in unified communications and collaborations. It allows you to get everything under a single roof and expand your business’ communication without many obstructions.