Regardless of what size your business is, or how much revenue it is bringing in, you should always look to be spending some of the company’s money on advertising. We live in a world where the brand is everything and in order to grow your brand, you need to be putting your products and services in front of the client’s faces. The best way to do this is through marketing and specifically through digital marketing. If you are spending time in the business working out the best approach, then here are some tips which you can follow to help you to decide.

Online Status

The first thing to consider is what you reputation is online at the current time, I worked with a company a while back who spent a large chunk of money on online advertising, only to realize afterwards that their company had some terrible reviews which had not been addressed. The upshot was that the marketing campaign actually damaged the firm as it simply highlighted its shortcomings. Use a strong reputation management firm to check and revitalize your online reputation before you start spending money on marketing. Don’t be put off by the price of these types of seervices, they are more than worth it and if you look at the complaints for example, you will see that there aren’t many people who are unhappy with this type of service.


Budgeting for marketing can be particularly difficult as it is not always clear cut what kind of return you are going to receive on your investment. Make sure that you work closely with a marketing agency, even before hiring them to help you to work out how much of your budget you should be dedicating to an advertising campaign. Remember that marketing should always be considered as an investment rather than a cost because if it is successful then it will bring a great deal of custom through your doors.

Types of Marketing

A strong marketing campaign should feature a combination of different types of methods which will promote you and your business to a wide variety of people online. Each method works better with different types of businesses and different types of customers so it is important that you ensure that you have highlighted who your target market is, and that you have a dedicated plan to market in the right way to them. For example, if you plan on targeting your marketing campaign to an over-50s demographic, then placing the biggest percentage of your money on social media may not be a wise choice. Instead, you would be far better to invest your money on an email campaign. There is loads of data out there about how to best attack your target demographic so ensure that you have done your research before you decide to part with any money.