Bingo is one of the most fun ways to gamble, whether online or at a bingo hall. It’s also easy for beginners to learn and get started.

One of the general assumptions that beginners make is that if you get numbers in a straight line, then you’re a winner.

There are actually a lot more ways to win at bingo, especially when you play online bingo. You just have to know what the bingo patterns are.

Read on to find out some of the common types of bingo patterns and how you can be a big winner at the bingo table.


The bingo caller may decide that a letter would be a fun way to win. You’d have to get the card to look like the letter that’s called.

Letters like Z, A, E, L, and X are common with this type of bingo pattern.


This would make a game last a while because you have to have your card look like a pyramid. The bottom line would have to be complete. The second line from the bottom would be stacked on top and so on until there’s one point at the top of the card.

Some games allow a reverse pyramid where it appears upside down, so pay close attention to the rules when the game is called.

Wine Glass

Bingo players can make a wine glass, which is used a lot in online bingo. The bottom line is complete. This forms the base of the glass. The wine glass is completed by adding a shape that looks like a Y on top of it.


This is a simple shape where you make a frame around the bingo card. It may also be called an outer edge pattern.

Multiple Lines

You understand the basic concept of getting one line across the bingo card. Some games may require two lines or three lines to win.

There’s also a bingo pattern where you win if you get the top, middle, and bottom lines straight across.

Full House

A full house is where you fill up your entire bingo card.

At the opposite end of the full house is Four Corners. You only have to get four winning numbers in the corners of your bingo card.

The number and types of winning patterns depend on the number of bingo balls in play. For example, Blighty Bingo Games has games with 52, 75, and 90 ball bingo games.

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Learn the Basic Bingo Patterns to Win

Bingo has come a long way from the days of getting a straight line on a bingo card while playing in a smoky room.

You can play anywhere as long as you have a data connection. You can also win with any number of bingo patterns. There’s a lot more creativity with bingo patterns. You have to keep an eye on the bingo caller and follow the instructions very closely to win.

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