You finally dragged your dusty Christmas decorations box out of the attic and set up your tree. But something doesn’t seem right. Your tree looks bare and uninspiring. But no need to worry because you can transform your sad little tree into a bright holiday masterpiece with a few simple tricks.

With some easy updates, your Christmas tree will go from drab to fab. By the time you finish, even Santa will want to stop by for a photo.

So, let’s see how you can get this done!

Choose a Theme and Stick to It

A glam theme would use gold or silver decorations, while a natural setting would use pine cones, berries, and wooden ornaments. Have fun and be creative with your theme, and your tree will be sure to spread some holiday cheer!

Add Ribbons, Tinsel, and Garlands for Extra Sparkle


Wrap ribbons around your tree from top to bottom for a classic look. Choose ribbons in complementary colors to your ornaments like red, green, gold, or silver. For the easiest application, buy pre-made ribbon rolls that you just unwind and drape over the branches. Secure the ribbon in place with floral wire, pins, or small binder clips.


Tinsel garlands add shimmer and shine. Drape long strands over branches or wrap shorter pieces around individual ornaments. For an icy look, choose silver tinsel. Gold tinsel gives a warm glow. Secure tinsel in place with the same methods as for ribbons to prevent shedding.


Popcorn, cranberry, paper snowflake, or beaded garlands create texture and visual interest. Drape them over branches, wrapping them around the tree as you go. Secure the garlands with the same methods as ribbons and tinsel. For food-based garlands, thread the pieces onto a fishing line or string before draping them over the tree.

Include Meaningful Ornaments 

Ornaments With Memories

Instead of just grabbing a box of plain round ornaments, choose ones that spark joyful memories. Use ornaments from childhood, ornaments gifted to you, or fun ones you’ve collected over the years while traveling or at special events. Group ornaments by color, theme, or memory for an artfully decorated tree with personal touches.

DIY Ornaments

Get crafty and make your ornaments. Things like cinnamon dough ornaments, popcorn garlands, cranberry strings, or paper snowflakes are all easy to make at home. Kids will love helping with DIY ornaments too, giving you an activity to bond over and ornaments they’ll cherish for years to come.

Tree Topper

No tree is complete without a topper. Choose an angel, star, or decorative bow to finish off your tree in style. For extra height and drama, consider a two-tiered topper. A tree topper is the perfect place to continue your tree’s theme or color scheme. Light-up toppers will make a big impact and create a focal point, especially on taller trees.

Hire a Professional Christmas Interior Decorator

Hiring a professional Christmas interior decorator is one of the best ways to make your tree stand out. These designers know all the tricks to create a custom look you’ll love.

A pro can help you pick a color palette and theme to make all your decorations cohesive. Maybe you want to go to classic red and green or a winter wonderland in silver and blue. They’ll source unique ornaments, ribbons, candles, and more to bring your vision to life.

They also know how to artfully arrange all the elements so your tree becomes a masterpiece. ‘Hang ornaments in clusters of two or three,’ says Dallas Christmas interior decorator Cadeaux Christmas, ‘It gives them more visual impact.’ Not only that, but the right combination of ornaments clustered together, ribbons and tinsel draped just so, and lights weaving everything together create a magical effect you can’t achieve on your own.

Best of all, let the experts handle hanging ornaments, fluffing branches, and troubleshooting issues. All that’s left for you to do is plug in the lights, pour some eggnog, and soak in the Christmas spirit ––– all that’s left for you to do is sit back and admire your gorgeous creation!

Final Thoughts

With a little creativity and some simple additions, your tree can become a true focal point that helps set the mood for the entire holiday season. The holidays happen in the blink of an eye, so take the time to make your tree special – you’ll be glad you did!

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