If you run an office, then you probably already considered what remote working could do for you and your employees. This is ever more topical, given that so many offices are beginning to reopen following the pandemic. Today, we will focus on the benefits of using a company like Shiftsmart and setting up a remote working arrangement for your business.


There are many ways remote working can lower the cost of running a business. One of the main ways, however, is the cutting of rental and energy expenses. Also, the less staff you have in the office, the more money you can save.

Pool of Talent

Many businesses have lost staff over the last 12 months, and now is the time to bring workers back. Setting up a remote work arrangement can help your company open up a much broader pool of skilled workers. This means that you can tap into a more comprehensive array of talent to get the people best suited for your business.

Office Politics

By adopting a remote work setup, you’ll find that there will be a significant reduction in office politics and other workplace issues. This is because people are only really communicating on a professional, not a personal level.

Less Absences

Businesses lose a lot of money each year from employee absences. However, through remote working, this can be greatly reduced. When you can offer someone the chance to work from home, even if they feel slightly under the weather, they are much less likely to call in sick.


It’s been found that people who work from home generally enjoy the arrangement more. And the happier they are with their work, the more energy they have. And the more energy they have, the more productive they become.

Better Management

With apps like Shiftsmart, managing your staff and their projects is easier when they work remotely. No longer will you have to worry about looking for staff or trying to get in touch with people. Through a user-friendly online dashboard, you will be able to locate staff, connect them, instantly see what they are doing, and manage every one with absolute ease.