Limousines and chauffeur driven vehicles are becoming more popular due to special events, business class executive transportation, and airport transfers. One of the fastest growing sectors in the vehicle and driver rental sector is mini charter bus rental. Used for many reasons these chartered buses can transport anywhere between 8 and 30 people in comfort.

Why People Hire Mini Charter Bus Rental

Some of the main reasons for hiring a mini charter bus are due to wanting to transport a small to medium group of people from location to another in a comfortable and luxurious setting. One of the most common reasons is for parties and graduation type events. A charter bus can be hired which will either pick up all customers from one address or go to several addresses to collect all of the party. Holding anywhere between 8 and 30 people these buses are a good alternative to public transport or smaller private hire vehicles, because the celebration or party can commence on the bus, extending the length of the festivities. The cost of transporting say 16 people in separate vehicles to one event can be reduced by transporting all of them in one charter bus vehicle, and all will have more fun on the journey.

Events such as weddings, funerals, and graduations may require transporting a group of the guests from one venue to another during the day, and will keep all of the party together during these journeys.

Another major use of these executive vans is for business transport, taking groups of business people to and from work, between meeting locations, to and from the airport and on team building excursions.

Airport transportation is another reason for hiring of mini charter buses, allowing small parties and larger families to travel to the airport and back in comfort and allowing enough space for luggage.

What Facilities to Expect on Board a Mini Charter Bus

What types of facilities can you expect on board a mini charter bus? Most are luxury vans or small buses which have been equipped for the comfort of the passengers so will often have relaxing leather seats for all passengers, on board Wi-Fi, DVD players and television screens, complimentary water and sodas, even champagne where requested, in coolers. Some buses which are designated as party buses will have superior sound systems. Comfort will be enhanced with air conditioning and privacy via privacy glass between the driver and the party, and on external windows.

Some executive charter buses used for parties can also be decorated internally and even externally for a special occasion at the customers expense.

All such vehicles are provided with a driver who has the correct licence, experience and training to drive these types of vehicles, and treat customers in a hospitable manner, allowing them to have fun but also consider any safety concerns, so that the party is transported in an enjoyable but safe manner to and from their chosen number of destinations that day.