Making design decisions for remodeling your home shouldn’t be taken lightly. For example, with great lighting, you can make your home a pleasurable living space, even if you don’t have a large budget.

When remodeling your home, a few simple hacks or style choices can have a big influence on your home remodel project. Choosing a more modern or contemporary styling in your kitchen lumination, such as industrial lighting, can take your kitchen space to another level of design style.  

Let the features of the room guide you

Different rooms in a home can serve their own purpose or functionality. Hence, the need to install the lighting that best fits the features of each room or its requirements.

So don’t be afraid to try something new or a different approach during your home remodel. Try mood lighting for living spaces, as lighting requirements or needs for a kitchen will differ from being different for a lounge or a living space or a bedroom.       

Replace the fabric on lampshades

Now that’s a hack you can try out yourself! Use complementary colour fabrics or designs that enhance the look of the room., Iin rooms that have less natural light, try to use lighter styles of fabrics or wallpapers to lift the mood of the room and to give a brighter living space.  

Allow for natural light

As we have already touched on, natural light is an underused or underrated commodity, which is free! So always try to work with natural light sources and use them to your advantage, especially if you have large windows which face the daily sun. 

By using natural light to your advantage, you will enhance your living space. About a major key benefit of natural light is to lift your family’s mood, as it isbe key  to improving mental wellbeing combating negative psychological wellbeing;, as scientific studies have found that improved access to natural light can reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Do not ignore the outdoor lighting

One area not to overlook is the external areas of your home as a living space;. As you and your family are likely to enjoy using your outside space as an extension of your home for dining or socializing. 

For outdoor lighting, make sure you select robust outdoor lighting, which is also water or weatherproof, so you can enjoy your outdoor space whatever the weather.     

Don’t be afraid to use some colour

Some light fixtures in your home may have paint that gradually wears off or goes dull. For lighting fixtures like this, remove & clean all lamps and consider the colour and paint options, which will compliment both the desired final lighting style for the intended room. 

You don’t have to live in a white house. Just like natural light, adding colour to a room can have a positive effect on the well-being and the mood of people inhabiting a living space. So, if you can add calming or vibrant colours to a room you can offer a positive effect to a living space for your family.